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Cycle Speedway: Successful Weekend For The Monarchs.
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Apr 12, 2016, 10:51

A busy weekend for the club saw us host the first round of the British Youth and Junior league (BYJL) on Saturday and then travel to East Park for our first Midland League (ML) encounter of the season.

The Monarchs took a weakened side to the Wolverhampton venue but managed to take a victory thanks to an awesome showing from the club's top 4 - 81-96.

Timms, Johnson, Winwood and Groves all scored 18 points each in the victory whilst a steady showing from the remaining riders all did their job well.

Just one point clear at the interval the home side capitulated under pressure as the visitors stepped up the anti in the 2nd half, pulling clear in the closing stages.


EAST PARK 81 V BIRMINGHAM MONARCHS 96 - Steve Hodgkinson 5 (5), Philip Widdas 1 (1), Ewan Hancox 8 (5), Mark Winwood 18+1 (5), Paul Timms 10 (5), Nathan Groves 18 (5 ), Ricki Johnson 18+1 (5), Chris JD Timms 18+2 (5).


EAST PARK 69 V BIRMINGHAM MONARCHS 55 (-25 penalty points) Steve Hodgkinson 8 (2), Marc Phipps 9+1 (5), Nathan Groves 14+2 (4), Ewan Hancox 16(4), Mark Winwood 10+2(3), Phil Widdas 9 (3), Ryan Winwood 8 (4), Dylan Hawtin 7 (5).


EAST PARK 37 V BIRMINGHAM MONARCHS 43 - Marc Phipps 12+1 (4),  Dylan Hawtin 7+1 (3),  Connor Steel 7+3 (3),  Ryan Winwood 10 (3), William Arkinstall 7+2(3).

Saturday the club held the opening BYJL. Connor Steel won the U10's whilst newcomer Dylan Hawtin made the final and came 4th.
Brothers Ben and Alex Heagren also made their debuts coming 7th (U12's) and 10th (U14's ) respectively.

Young Monarchs Marc Phipps, Billy Winwood and Ryan Winwood all made the B Final in the U14's finishing 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.

Ewan Hancox came 2nd in the U17's final.

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