World Junior Speedway Championship
Youth Track 125cc European Cup in Olching (Germany).
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Jul 20, 2015, 10:31

For almost 20 years the Motorsportclub Olching had not held any international championships, so the Youth Gold Trophy was quite an exciting challenge for the new organisation team which had only been elected this year.

Chairman Stefan Lochner and his team were really well prepared and the officials were excited as the whole event went off without a hitch. The weather conditions were almost perfect for the event - only in the end of the race day, just before the award ceremony started, a cloudburst appeared and the youngsters and officials were drenched with rain.

The locals were especially excited about seeing their club rider Tim Wunderer on his home track. The 14 year old rider from Grießbeckerzell (near Augsburg) is one of the most promising young talents in German Speedway. But on that day his performance was not enough to be standing on the rostrum in the end (he finished fifth). Tim Wunderer went into a successful first heat which he finished first. But the other competitors also got along with the Olching Speedway track very well. Filip Šifalda (Czech Republic) and Petr Chlupáč (Czech Republic) also won their first heats.

In heat 9 an accident happened: Polish rider Denis Zielinski’s bike slid away in the bends and he went to the ground. For Jan Kvěch (Czech Republic) who was right behind him it was impossible to avoid him, he hit Zielinski’s bike and went off his bike. Zielineski could not go on with t he r ace, but fortunatel y he got away with bruises only. Kvěch was able to continue racing.

In the final hea t the best 6 riders of the day met. William Kruit (Nethe rlands) f ell off in the second lap and was then excluded for the re-run. In the end the winner was Marcin Turowski (Poland), runner-up was Kyle Bickley (Great Britain) and Jan Kvěch (Czech Republic) f inished third.

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