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Grass Track Racing: Report - 2015 Grass Track Sidecar European Championship Semi Final, Loppersum (Netherlands).
By Admin
Jun 15, 2015, 23:21

The North Dutch town of Loppersum hosted the Semi Final of the 2015 Sidecar European Championship.

Around 2.200 spectators watched in windy and rainy weather very close heats for 6 places and 2 reserve posts. On the final rostrum, Dennis Noordman/Patrick Kremer KNMV, who won ahead of Karl Keil / Stefan Müller DMSB and Imanuel Schramm/Hermann Bacher FMS.

Full recognition to 62 year old Karl Keil and his passenger, who qualified in second position for the Final event, which will be held in Hertingen, Germany on August 22.

1 Dennis Noordman/Patrick Kremer NED KNMV
2 Karl Keil/Stefan Müller GER DMSB
3 Imanuel Schramm/Hermann Bacher GER FMS
4 Marco Hundsrücker/Corina Günthör GER ŐAMTC
5 Josh Goodwin/Liam Brown GBR ACU
6 Guillaume Comblon/Chloé Agez FRA FFM
7 Christophe Grenier/Sandra Mollema FRA / NED KNMV
8 Vincent Tocheport/Vincent Bertoneche FRA FFM
9 David Carville/Richard Phillimore GBR ACU
10 Achim San Millan/Nicole Balz GER DMSB
11 Stinus Lund/Mike Frederiksen DEN DMU
12 Matthias Motk/Michael Burger GER DMSB

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