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Norwegian Speedway: Results - 2014 Individual Speedway U21 EC Semi-Final 2 in Elgane.
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Jun 15, 2014, 22:14

The second semi final in Elgane is also the race for the Nordic Championship, so there was more to race for than just to qualify for the final.

And what a race before the last 4 heats everything was still open, and heat 17 was a really hard one, cause the two points best riders in the day, was in this heat, both Nicolai Busk Jakobsen and Victor Palovaara was equal on 12 points, but in the same heat Kenni Nissen chasing the with 10 points. In heat 17 Victor Palovaara made a perfect start from the outside and did not look back again.

Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen tried everything to catch Palovaara, but it was not enough. So Victor Palovaara won the meeting and was crowned also as Nordic champion, with maximum 15 points. Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen finished second on 14 points.

Third on the day was Kasper Lykke Nielsen finishing on 12. The last 2 places was also a fight between three riders, but in the end Kenni Nissen and Jonas Brøndum Andersen picked the last 2 qualifying places, both on 11 points. Were close after those 2 riders finishing on 10 and taking the reserve spot in the final was Joel Andersson.

The meeting was very tough for the riders, as the track was a bit tricky in the beginning, but after some extra track preparation, the track was must better to ride on, and we saw some very exiting heats.

2014 Individual Speedway U21 European Championship
Semi-Final 2 Elgane (Norway) Date: 14/06/2014

1 Victor Palovaara 15
2 Nicolai Busk Jakobsen 14
3 Kasper Lykke Nielsen 12
4 Jonas Brøndum Andersen 11
5 Kenni Nissen 11
6 Joel Andersson 10
7 Kenny Wænnerstam 8
8 Emil Grøndal 8
9 John Lindman 6
10 Alex Johansson 6
11 Nike Lunna 5
12 Lasse Fredriksen 5
13 Jiri Nieminen 4
14 Glenn Moi 3
15 Henri Ahlbom 2

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