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Miscellaneous Speedway Last Updated: Jul 17th, 2014 - 17:56:14

Eating Dust - Your chance to be part of history!
By Admin
May 9, 2009, 13:03

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Jinx Films, a film production company based in London, have announced the launch of their new British Feature Film project “Eating Dust”

Set in the world of high-octane Speedway bike racing, Eating Dust is a chaotic comedy with a serious edge. It tells the story of talented yet wayward rider Jamey Barnes, who with the help of his cousin and trusted mechanic Spencer, is on a quest to win the National Speedway Championship. Yet however hard he tries, things seem to always get in the way, from a vicious boss of a local haulage firm to an amateur to an all-female voodoo cult with a grudge against men. Throw in a scorned ex-girlfriend, a drunken undertaker and a mislaid corpse and you have the measure of our heroes challenge.

In the making since back in 2002, Director Jade Carmen and Producer Louis Paltnoi have endured a rollercoaster ride ever since in their attempts to get Eating Dust onto the big screen.

Scot Jade wrote the story, a comedy in the vein of Waking Ned and Lock Stock, His hope is to capture, amongst other things, the beauty of the Scottish Highlands and the sheer spectacle that is Speedway.

"Its such a fantastic sport to watch, yet nobody has ever really brought Speedway to the big screen since Once A Jolly Swagman in 1948" says Jade.

“Speedway is unique in so many ways. The bravery, speed and adrenalin you get during the race is unlike any other sport. And there's not many others out there where a race takes one minute," says Jade.  "You've won or you've lost in the blink of an eye, so it's fascinating to watch and even more exciting to film."

Producer Louis Paltnoi agrees, " It is a much more exciting sport than F I or Moto-GP. It deserves to be immortalised in a movie, there's vast potential there, and it's got that accessibility that we love, a real community sport”

The Producers have the full backing of key players within the sport, including Speedway Star, Sky Sports, the BSPA, the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund and BSi. 

Louis explains, “Everyone can see that through this film we can help raise the profile of Speedway on both the domestic and international stages and elevate it once again to being a premier spectator sport, as it was for decades. We feel that Eating Dust gives Speedway an opportunity to do this.”

The Producers started working on the film back in 2002. The film has been fully-funded three times, only to fall victim to politics (the UK government pulling key tax breaks for films in 2004/2005) and the credit crunch (key investors were forced to withdraw in 2008)

However Jade and Louis’ love of and belief in both the sport and the movie makes them more determined than ever to press ahead.

Jade explains, “We have a brilliant film here, big stars such as Paul Kaye, Charles Dance, Jimi Mistry and Joanne Whalley are attached plus of course World Champion himself Nicki Pedersen. We also have an award-winning crew including Oscar and Grammy award nominees.

Louis adds, “We have received so many offers of support from within the sport to make Eating Dust, but realised that the only way to get this film onto the big screen is with the help of the entire Speedway community”

The Producers have therefore announced a unique opportunity for film lovers and Speedway fans alike to get involved in the movie, by becoming “sponsors”. The Producers are offering different sponsorship package levels, with various rewards from signed DVDs, film credits and tickets to the premiere to visiting the film set, meeting the cast and possibly even a bit part in the film itself.

Louis explains,"We need the speedway community to come in and be a part of this film by donating anything from £25 to £500 (or even more). In the current climate, nobody can afford much, but if we can get £25 or £50 from a relatively small number of Speedway fans, this film will be made”.

The Producers are also keen to help Speedway financially, and part of the film’s net profits are being set aside for UK Speedway, with the fans having a say in where and how these fund will be allocated.  Another equally important portion of net profits will be set aside for the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund. "We want to put something back in the sport, most films don't do that," explains  Jade. “The sport needs it and hopefully we can provide it”

Louis outlines the potential “If Eating Dust performs at the box office like some other British-made films of recent years, it could raise significant revenues for both the sport and the SRBF. The better the film does, the more Speedway will benefit financially. So, when we say we want the speedway community to help us, we're also saying we're all in this together to reap the rewards."

Potential sponsors can apply by visiting the film website, with payment either via PayPal or by sending a cheque to the production office.

The Producers are also keen to stress that should the required funding not be raised, all sponsors would receive a full refund. Potential applicants have to fill out an application form with clear terms and conditions.

The Producers are working to a tight deadline, with the sponsorship required by 30th June 2009 in order for the film to go ahead. Louis explains, “If the budget is not raised by this time and the film not made this Summer, it will never get made at all and that would be a travesty for the sport. We are confident that with the help of the Speedway community, Eating Dust will finally become a reality"

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