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Speedway Grand Prix Last Updated: Jul 17th, 2014 - 18:24:19

Speedway Grand Prix: Nicki Pedersen wins Slovenian GP and secures second world title.
By Admin
Sep 23, 2007, 09:29

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Photograph courtesy
Denmark’s Nicki Pedersen won the Slovenian Grand Prix in Krsko last night (22nd) and in doing so became world champion for the second time.

With just one grand prix remaining, Pedersen has an unassailable lead at the head of the standings.

Pedersen was masterful all evening and was beaten just once all evening – by Leigh Adams. Adams finished down the field but is secure in his second place in the standings.

The Krsko podium was completed by Scott Nicholls, Rune Hotla and fourth placed man – outgoing champion Jason Crump.

Nicholls’ second place give him a fighting chance of a top eight place overall and an automatic return to the 2008 series.

The final grand prix of this season is in Next appointment in Gelsenchirken , Germany on 13 October and the “richest minute in motorsport.”

Slovenian Grand Prix:
1. Nicki Pedersen DK (3,2,3,3,3,3,6) 23
2. Scott Nicholls GB (2,1,2,3,2,2,4) 16
3. Rune Holta PL (2,3,3,2,2,2,2) 16
4. Jason Crump AUS (3,2,1,1,3,3,0) 13
5. Tomasz Gollob PL (2,2,2,1,2,1) 10
6. Leigh Adams AUS (3,3,1,0,2,0) 9
7. Bjarne Pedersen DK (0,0,2,3,3,1) 9
8. Wieslaw Jagus PL (1,3,3,1,1,0) 9
9. Chris Harris GB (3,1,0,3,1) 8
10. Andreas Jonsson S (1,3,2,0,0) 6
12. Jaroslaw Hampel PL (0,1,0,2,3) 6
11. Matej Zagar SLO (Ef,1,3,1,1) 6
13. Jurica Pavlic HR (2,0,0,2,1) 5
14. Greg Hancock USA (1,2,1,0,0) 4
15. Hans Andersen DK (1,0,0,2,Ef) 3
16. Antonio Lindback S (0,0,1,0,0) 1
17. Izak Santej SLO
18. Jernej Kolenko SLO

Overall standings:
1 Nicki Pedersen DK 187
2 Leigh Adams AUS 142
3 Jason Crump AUS 109
4 Tomasz Gollob PL 101
5 Hans Andersen DK 98
6 Greg Hancock USA 90
7 Chris Harris GB 87
8 Scott Nicholls GB 83
9 Rune Holta PL 81
10 Wieslaw Jagus PL 75
11 Andreas Jonsson S 70
12 Jaroslaw Hampel PL 67
13 Bjarne Pedersen DK 66
14 Matej Zagar SLO 48
15 Antonio LindbAck S 31

Courtesy Roberto De Carlo and Giorgio Lazzari (
Photograph courtesy

© Copyright

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Speedway Grand Prix
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