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British Speedway : Premier League Last Updated: Apr 16th, 2016 - 08:55:25

Rye House Speedway: Mission accomplished.
By Admin
Apr 16, 2016, 08:54

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A 526 mile round-trip was all worthwhile for the BMR Rockets, whose League Cup dreams remain very much alive after achieving their first away win of the campaign in an emphatic 51-41 success at Plymouth on Friday night.
The Rockets brought a maximum 4 match points home from Devon to wrap up their group fixtures on 10 points. That’s 6 points clear of Somerset, who will need to beat the Devils home and away in their remaining fixtures to have the chance of sneaking into the competition’s semi-finals.
It proved another flawless night for Rye House captain Edward Kennett, who racked up his third straight maximum for the side. The skipper’s five race wins were added to by Stuart Robson, Leigh Lanham and Ben Morley, who bagged a couple of 3 pointers each. Elsewhere, Cameron Heeps not far off double figures with 7+2, while Kasper Lykke and Peter Karger did their bit with key points at key times.  
With Kennett taking Heat 1, the Rockets were never behind - and also in front from the moment that Ben Morley and Peter Karger maxed out in the second race.
Another 5-1, this time from Leigh Lanham and Cameron Heeps against Charlie Gjedde in Heat 10, doubled their advantage to 8 points, while Kennett’s third victory of the evening, with Kasper Lykke tucking in behind Kyle Newman for third spot, took the score up to 38-28.
Jack Holder’s 6 point Tactical ride in Heat 12 – and a bizarre 6-2 result, after both Peter Karger and Stefan Nielsen had been excluded - gave the Devils brief hope at 40-34, but Kennett and Stuart Robson slammed the door firmly shut again with a 5-1 over Gjedde and Newman in the very next race.
Lanham won the penultimate heat, with Morley pressuring Todd Kurtz throughout for third place, while Kennett set the seal on another fine personal team performance by wrapping up the finale.
Rye House team manager Peter Schroeck was euphoric afterwards. “It was another awesome performance from the boys again tonight. We had that feeling during the (pre-match) track walk that we could get this sort of result tonight. I told them then that the Plymouth track was no different to our own, and to get stuck into it.
“That’s exactly what they did, hitting the opposition from right off the start and keeping it going. Everybody from one to seven rode his heart out, and you can’t ask for more. Edward (Kennett) was unbelievable, but they were all heroes.
“We’ve got such a good feeling within this club. Consistency is the key in this league, and it’s what this team is about.
“It’s a long, long way to come for tonight, so we put everything into it when we got here. To get the result we did makes the drive home a sweet one.”
The victory provides the perfect build-up for tomorrow night’s East Anglian derby at Hoddesdon against highly rated Peterborough, who will bring with them Premier League Riders’ Champion Ulrich Ostergaard and 2015 Rockets hot-shot Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen. Schroeck isn’t fazed by the opposition. “We’re 100% ready. The boys don’t fear anybody. They believe in themselves and each other. It’s the perfect attitude within the club.”
Rye House scorers:
Edward Kennett 15, Stuart Robson 10+1, Leigh Lanham 9+1, Cameron Heeps 7+2, Ben Morley 6, Peter Karger 2+1, Kasper Lykke 2
Plymouth scorers:
Jack Holder 14, Kyle Newman 8+2, Charlie Gjedde 5+1, Sam Simota 5, Todd Kurtz 4+2, Stefan Nielsen 3, Ellis Perks 2
Match Points: Plymouth 0 Rye House 4

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