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British Speedway : Premier League Last Updated: Apr 15th, 2016 - 09:00:19

Sheffield Speedway: Sheffield boy wins national crown
By Nick
Apr 15, 2016, 08:54

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SHEFFIELD favourite Josh Bates pulled off a sensational victory to take the British Under-21 title for a second time on his home Owlerton track.

The 20-year-old secured the prestigious trophy for the second time in three seasons after winning the Grand Final on home shale.

Bates was forced to settle for a semi-final spot after a crash in his final programmed ride saw him fall below Adam Ellis and Robert Lambert in the overall standings with 11 points.

Bates won the semi-final in style as he and fellow Yorkshire racer Jack Parkinson-Blackburn progressed through to the Grand Final.

Bates drew the inside gate and made an electric start moving Lambert and Ellis wide, allowing the Barnsley racer to pull clear out front.

Bates took the chequered flag on one wheel as celebrations erupted at Owlerton.

Said Bates: "I felt like crying when I won the final because this means so much to me.

"When I won it in 2014, nobody expected anything from me and that was the start of something special for me.

"This time around, I was on my home track and I always wanted to make the most of that fact.

"I'd got a lot of people who'd come to watch me race and a lot of supporters were behind me too.

"It's another huge moment in my career and it's great to win it for a second time."

Tigers reserve Nathan Greaves and former Sheffield mascot Max Clegg both enjoyed encouraging performances after both reaching the semi-final stages.

1. Josh Bates
2. Robert Lambert
3. Adam Ellis
4. Jack Parkinson-Blackburn

Qualifying scores: Robert Lambert 15, Adam Ellis 13, Josh Bates 11, Jack Parkinson-Blackburn 11, Max Clegg 11, Nathan Greaves 9, Zac Wajtknecht 9, Oliver Greenwood 8, James Shanes 7, Jack Smith 6, Danyon Hume 5, Danny Phillips 4, Ellis Perks 4, Josh Bailey 3, Danno Verge 2, Alfie Bowtell 1, Liam Carr 1 (reserve), Ben Basford 0 (reserve).


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