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British Speedway : National League Last Updated: Apr 13th, 2016 - 09:24:13

Isle of Wight Speedway: Four team action this Thursday.
By Admin
Apr 13, 2016, 09:23

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Following on from the huge success of last Thursday's opening meeting of the season, the Vince Mapley Memorial Individual Trophy won by Wightlink Warriors skipper James Cockle, this Thursday sees the return to team racing at Smallbrook.

And it's not just two teams vying for supremacy over the sixteen high speed races, it's four!  The select teams will see the Warriors take on quartets representing the Exeter 'Chris Richards' Falcons, the Weymouth Wildcats and finally the Southampton Saints to do battle for the trophy with no quarter asked nor given.Even though the Warriors riders have been distributed amongst the teams, there is still a lot of pride on the line as each rider has a historical association with the club they're racing for, be that having been a team member or location relative to where they live. All three clubs the Wightlink Warriors face or are riding for are themselves at various stages to return speedway in their home cities and towns and we all wish them well with that.
Tess Lynch, assistant to Warriors team manager for the day said, "It's too tight to call right now as I look at the line up of the four teams - it's anyone’s trophy. Of course I am hoping we can steer our Warriors to victory but we shall see."

With the gates open from 17.30 and pits open from 17.45 until 18.15 those coming to watch and don't forget the various travel deals/arrangements outlined on our club's website, are invited to try to get to the track early so they can have a look behind the scenes as the riders prepare for the meeting and grab a photo with their favourite. The riders parade is scheduled for 18.45 and tapes up at 19.00.

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