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Speedway Best Pairs Last Updated: Mar 16th, 2016 - 14:46:46

Speedway Best Pairs: Three Mustateers from the Team Boll Racing
By Nick
Mar 16, 2016, 14:46

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A truly cosmopolitan squad was built by the Team Boll Racing for the Speedway Best Pairs. Pole, Slovakian and Dane - multinational trio is about to head the top score and becoming the best speedway pair. First attempt: April 2 in Toruń.

- Everyone wants to win, especially when it's the first meeting in the new formula. These first ones are always remembered. Everyone will want to stand up and cross our plans, and we'll be trying to do the same to the others. The result cannot be predicted, though. We still don't know what form we'll be presenting in the beginning of the season. - ended Team Boll Racing's rider, Patryk Dudek.

Except the rider from Zielona Góra, at the track in Toruń, we'll see Individual European Champion 2013 Martin Vaculik and one of the best Danish riders Niels Kristian Iversen. Boll Racing will be one of the favourites during the first round of the Speedway Best Pairs in Toruń. It's worth mentioning that in the upcoming season, Martin Vaculik will be representing local club - KS Get Well Toruń and what comes after, he's about to meet every secret of MotoArena during the preseason's practice sessions.
- We have a very strong team, my teammates are incredible riders. We'll do our best to fight for the podium or even the ultimate win to satisfy ourselves, fans and the sponsors. However, I'm not a fan of making divinations, it's so hard to predict the results.
Among the riders of Team Boll Racing, Martin Vaculik was the best one at MotoArena in the last season. He was averaging 2 points per heat.
- Racing in Toruń is always passionate for fans, who can count on a lot of emotions. It'll be nice to race there in the beginning of the season. - ended Patryk Dudek.

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