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Dirt Track Racing Last Updated: Mar 15th, 2016 - 19:35:49

Cycle Speedway: Birmingham Removed From The Elite.
By Admin
Mar 15, 2016, 19:33

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Birmingham Monarchs Cycle Speedway Club have been removed from the Elite league for the 2016 season by its governing body British Cycling.

The Elite league is the highest level of racing within the sport and the National Cycling body were known to be keen to have the club involved after 2 seasons of not competing in the EL.

The club have been actively working with the council to assist the club meet the standards and criteria required by BC  (British Cycling). The club qualify by meeting the minimum standards but the club have been working hard behind the scenes to raise standards and awareness over the past 2 seasons.

The statement by BC that our efforts were a "knee jerk reaction" have been branded 'ridiculous' by the club's committee.

"We have been making steady progress over the past 2 seasons to make ready our return to the Elite League (EL). Despite our best efforts that's not good enough for BC and that is just ridiculous. They doubt our ability to be able to function in the EL yet we managed before and we are now in a stronger position. It seems whatever we do its never good enough".

Birmingham will continue to compete in the Midland League however which is looking like the only racing the top riders of the club will get.

This includes World number two Chris Timms who could face a season out of the top tier.

The season however will start with a cancellation as Coventry have cancelled the opening ML fixture this Sunday so instead the club travel to East Park for a friendly match with a start time of 2PM.

We are grateful to the East Park club for stepping in with a chance for the club to race in a competitive match.

Our succesful training nights will start in April on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We now have to wait till late April before we compete in a league fixture at the Perry Hall playing fields track.

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