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Australian Speedway Last Updated: Jan 25th, 2016 - 10:39:46

Australian Speedway: Two new Australian Speedway champions.
By Admin
Jan 25, 2016, 10:39

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Saturday night’s Gillman Speedway meeting saw two new Australian champions crowned with Jack Holder winning the Under 21 Championship and Declan Knowles winning the Under 16 250cc Championship.

Despite facing the newly crowned Australian champion Brady Kurtz and three-time Under 21 champion Max Fricke, Holder blitzed the meeting, winning all six of his rides comfortably. Kurtz, finished second, Fricke third and Jake Allen fourth in the final.

The 250 final was a thriller between Mitchell Cluff and Declan Knowles after hotter than hot favourite Matt Gilmore fell on the opening lap. Cluff led narrowly for most of the race but Knowles got under him on the last lap to win by a couple of bike lengths with Jedd List only a further ten metres behind in third.

Prior to the final Gilmore had continued his unbeaten run from the previous nights 125cc Championship but Knowles had to come through the hard way after a big crash in his fourth ride.

He then ran third to Brody Eves and Cluff in his last heat before winning the last-chance semi-final and the final.

Results from both championships on Saturday night can be found on the Gillman Speedway website:

COPY CREDIT: Gillman Media

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