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Australian Speedway Last Updated: Dec 23rd, 2015 - 10:15:11

Australian Speedway: Under 16 and Under 21 Speedway entry news.
By Admin
Dec 23, 2015, 10:14

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Motorcycling Australia is pleased to announce the rider entry lists for each of the following Under 16 and Under 21 Australian Speedway Championship events.

Dates and venues for each event are:

Australian U16 125cc Solo and Teams Championship: 21-22 January, 2016 - Wingfield, SA

Australian U21 Solo Championship & U16 250cc Solo Championship: 23 January - Gillman Speedway, SA

MA would also like to announce that unfortunately due to the lack of entries, the Australian U16 Speedway Sidecar Championship will not be run in 2016.


Connor Bailey
Mitchell Grech
Troy Kutcher
Angus VanDenBerg 2ND RESERVE
Maurice Brown
Mathew Gilmore
Patrick Bowes
Fraser Bowes
Brayden McGuinness
Keynan Rew
Brad Gordon
Cordell Rogerson
Nicholas Possingham 1ST RESERVE
Bailey Viner
Layne Riordan
Liam May
Jacob Hook
Patrick Hamilton
Declan Killeen
Broc Hall
Jedd List
Jack Norman
Hugh Evans
Joshua Beetham 4TH RESERVE
Tom Dixon 6
Teagan Pedler 3RD RESERVE
Jack Sadler
Jye Johnson


First Name Surname DRAW
Maurice Brown NSW 1
Mathew Gilmore NSW 1
Layne Riordan VIC 1
Tom Dixon VIC 1
Brad Gordon WA 1
Declan Killeen WA 1
Brayden McGuinness SA 1
Jack Norman SA 1
Troy Kutcher SA 2
Liam May SA 2
Keynan Rew QLD 1
Jedd List QLD 1
Cordell Rogerson QLD 2
Broc Hall QLD 2


First Name Surname
Isaac Howes
Mitchell Grech
Brody Eves
Matthew Gilmore
Declan Kennedy
Aden Clare
Declan Knowles
Brad Gordon
Cordell Rogerson
Jacob Hook
Kobee Ziedas
Jedd List
Oliver Hamilton
Matthew Marson
Mitchell Cluff
Brayden McGuinness

2016 Australian Speedway Solo
U21 Championship

First Name Surname RESERVES
Tyler King
Karl Lawler Reserve 1
Jordan Stewart
Jack Holder
James Dimmock Reserve 4
Jack Fallon
Dakota Ballantyne
Zaine Kennedy
Cooper Riordan
Joshua Macdonald
Brady Kurtz
Jake Mitchell
Seth Hickey Reserve 3
Cameron Heeps
Jake Allen
Jaimon Lidsey
Max Fricke
Tyson Snow
Luke Bacskai Reserve 5
Jack Morrison Reserve 2
Blake Russell


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