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Australian Speedway Last Updated: Nov 6th, 2015 - 10:20:00

Australian Speedway: DT's tribute to DW43.
By Admin
Nov 6, 2015, 10:18

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Multiple Australian Speedway Sidecar Champion Darrin Treloar has crafted a touching tribute to injured Aussie motorcycle young gun Darcy Ward by creating an entire set of panels in Ward's warpaint for this Saturday night's tribute to the young tyro at Gillman Speedway SA.

Treloar took the wraps off the new #43 livery at his Granville workshop today and revealed his deep and profound respect for Darcy's talent and his plight. "I've watched Darcy's progression from a Junior to the Senior ranks over the years and admired his obvious natural talent and determination.

What has happened with his crash has affected many people in many different ways and I wanted to make a statement on behalf of all the sidecar community that respects our respect for Darcy and his situation.

After we race on Saturday night at Gillman in his fund-raising meeting we'll be putting the individual pieces of the outfit's bodywork on e-bay and raising money towards Darcy's recovery," said the hard man of three wheel competition. Treloar engaged the always passionate Jeff Byron from Design EFX to paint and sticker the panels.

"Jeff's done a fantastic job," Treloar beams, "the bike looks fantastic and I hope that the bidding goes well so we can raise as much money on our behalf as possible towards Darcy's recovery."

The Darcy Ward Benefit Meeting is being held this Saturday night at Gillman Speedway in South Australia and feature's a 'who's who' of two and three wheel superstars from 7.30am. Enthusiasts can bid for a wide variety of amazing collectible items on hand including the Darrin Treloar panels seen in these photos.

"What's happened to Darcy has been tragic and has affected us all," explains the multiple Aussie and World Champion Treloar, "it's important we all get behind him in any way we can."

Thanks to Dave Parker.


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