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American Speedway Last Updated: Sep 22nd, 2015 - 15:03:38

American Speedway: Remaining Events at Mid-America Speedway.
By Admin
Sep 22, 2015, 15:02

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It has been almost a month since we have raced at Mid-America with the last race being held on August 29th. 

We have graded the track several times since the last event and it should be in prime condition for this Saturday's event.  The weather forecast is just about perfect and the cooler temps will only make the track better.

Track Concessions

We have had a concession stand at most of the events this year, and will have them at the remaining events.  The folks that run the stand are having a ball, but they are a business, and need to sell product to keep coming back.  If you are able, please support them so that they continue to support us.   
Frankfort, Indiana Half-Mile

The fair board at the Clinton County Fairgrounds asked that we give a well deserved thank you to all of the riders that attended the September 12th event.  They were impressed enough that we are in negotiations to host one or two events in 2016.  As you are reading this, they are converting the track to a limestone surface which should make the racing even better.  We were thrilled that other than two cases where riders fell down during the start, not a single rider went down at racing speed.  My highlight of the day was riding Ben Knight's beautiful XR750.  While some gremlins appeared during practice, it was a thrill to ride an XR and one that I will never forget.  Thank you Ben!

Upcoming Events at Mid-America

After this weekend's event, there are still four more events on the oval, and two unique events.  Shelina Moreda is once again bringing her Girlz Motocamp on October 24th and 25th.  The Girlz Motocamp will run on Saturday morning, and then they are going to take a break to allow us to prep the oval, and then continue the school on Sunday.  Also new to Mid-America is our GonzoCross series.  Round two of the series will be held on Thursday, October 29th.  It is no coincidence that is is scheduled for the same weekend of the Ironman GNCC scheduled for October 31st (Quads), and November 1st (Bikes).  We also have a verbal commitment from Racer X TV to televise the event at a later date.  

Important Times for Remaining Events
Gates Open: 12:00
Signup Opens: 2:30
Riders Briefing: 4:30
Heats: 7:00*  (If practice is completed early enough, and the track is ready, we will start heats as early at 6:30)

Directions to Mid-America

Mid-America Speedway is located at the southeast  corner of Indianapolis at the Marion County Fairgrounds.  From 465, take exit 49 and go to the first light and turn left, continue approximately 3/4 of a mile, and go over the overpass.  Bear to the left of the base of the overpass, and the entrance to Mid-America is 1/4 mile on the left.


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