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Speedway European Championship Last Updated: Aug 31st, 2015 - 11:57:20

Speedway European Championship: The Three Musketeers - Antonio Lindback
By Nick
Aug 31, 2015, 11:55

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In this year's Speedway European Championships series in each of the finals started three riders: Emil Sayfutdinov, Nicki Pedersen and Antonio Lindbaeck. It is no wonder that it is this trio which has dominated this year's championship. Letís have a closer look at first of them.

Antonio Lindbaeck, who is currently third in the general classification, starts this season in SEC with a wild card. The organizers of the series gave it him soon after SEC Challenge. As you can see, it was a good move, because in every competition, rider born in Rio de Janeiro presents a fantastic speedway.

He presented an extraordinary will to fight especially in Landshut, when after worse first two starts, completely changed setups and then was almost elusive. Twice, however, he was fourth in the finals, including the most unfortunate in Kumla, when attacking the second position of Grigory Laguta, rode the line track with two wheels.

It started very well in Torun, when Toninho qualified directly to the finals. In it he failed to go through the podium. In Germany, he found the right setup only in his third race, but finally stood on the podium.

In Kumla from the beginning only Emil Sayfutdinov was better, but in the last, the most important heat he made a mistake that cost him a point and a place on the podium. Ahead Lindbaeck is last tournament on September 19th  in Ostrow Wielkopolski. Place on the podium is almost certain, as well as staying in the series, which makes that Swede will be riding at ease. And as we know, the best results are achieved!

Tickets for the Grand Finale of Speedway European Championships are available via the service, in Empik stores and in the office of the club ZKS Ostrovia.

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Speedway European Championship
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