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Swedish Speedway Last Updated: Aug 16th, 2015 - 16:52:15

Swedish Speedway Report - 2015 Speedway European Championship in Kumla (Sweden)
By Admin
Aug 16, 2015, 16:49

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The third round of 2015 Speedway European Championship series in Kumla (Sweden) ended with the victory of Emil Sayfutdinov.

The Russian rider beated his compatriot, Grigory Laguta, Nicki Pedersen and Antonio Lindbaeck in the grand finale.

In Kumla Peter Kildemand and Piotr Protasiewicz did not start. Both riders suffered injuries in earlier performances and their participation in SEC was impossible. In Sweden Tomasz Gollob was present, but he did not show up on a track not even once.

Riders maximally used first and second gate, which in the first two rounds were the best. The only rider who broke that pattern was later winner, Emil Sayfutdinov.

The second part of the competition was the essence of speedway. Amazing fight, racing over a distance of four laps and passing at the very last moment. Fans who sat at ICA Maxi Arena certainly were very pleased with the show, which presented the best speedway riders in Europe.

Only in the last heat, Grigory Laguta secured the qualification to the race–off. Emil Sayfutdinov scored a maximum of points. Another rider who secured a direct qualification to the final was a local hero, Antonio Lindbaeck. Quite unexpectedly Martin Smolinski got to the last chance heat. Until this moment he rather disappointed.

In the race-off Fredrik Lindgren was excluded for causing the fall of the older of Laguta brothers. The re–run was clearly won by Nicki Pedersen, and after a fierce bid battle "Grisha" also got to the final line-up.

The final belonged to only one rider - Emil Sayfutdinov. The leader of the series won with a huge advantage, leaving no illusions about their rivals. Behind him ended up Laguta, and the third was Lindbaeck. As it turned out, the Swedish rider during the last attack on Laguta ran out of the line of the track with two wheels. The referee Wojciech Grodzki had no choice - he had to exclude Lindbaeck.

After three rounds Nicki Pedersen has a gap of 9 points from Emil Sayfutdinov and it seems that the Russian rider will defend the championship title. Will this really happen? We'll find it out on September 19th during the Grand Finale of Speedway European Championship in Ostrow Wielkopolski (Poland).

1. Emil Sayfutdinov (Russia) - 18 (3,3,3,3,3,3)
2. Grigory Laguta (Russia) - 10 (1,0,3,1,3,2)
3. Nicki Pedersen (Denmark) - 11 (2,2,2,2,2,1)
4. Antonio Lindbaeck (Sweden) - 12 (3,2,3,1,3,x)
5. Martin Smolinski (Germany) - 9 (2,3,0,2,2)
6. Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden) - 9 (3,2,1,2,1)
7. Martin Vaculik (Slovakia) - 8 (2,1,0,2,3)
8. Artiom Laguta (Russia) - 8 (1,1,2,3,1)
9. Janusz Kołodziej (Poland) - 7 (0,3,1,3,0)
10. Tomasz Jędrzejak (Poland) - 7 (1,2,1,3,0)
11. Hans Andersen (Denmark) - 6 (2,0,3,0,1)
12. Fredrik Engman (Sweden) - 6 (1,1,2,1,1)
13. Przemysław Pawlicki (Poland) - 5 (3,0,0,0,2)
14. Vaclav Milik (Czech Republic) - 5 (0,1,2,0,2)
15. Joel Andersson (Sweden) - 4 (0,3,0,1,0)
16. Witalij Biełousow (Russia) - 1 (0,0,1,0,0)
17. Tomasz Gollob (Poland) - 0 (x,-,-,-,-)
Last chance heat:
21. Pedersen, G. Laguta, Smolinski, Lindgren (x)
22. Sayfutdinov, Laguta, Pedersen, Lindbaeck (x)

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