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American Speedway Last Updated: Jul 26th, 2015 - 17:09:02

American Speedway: Report - Industry Racing, CA, USA - July 22.
By Admin
Jul 26, 2015, 17:08

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AMA National Champion Billy “The Kid” Janniro stopped Aaron Fox’s winning streak and ran his own Scratch Main Event streak to four to cap a night of fantastic action at Industry Racing.
Janniro, who has won the Scratch Main all three times he has competed at Industry this season, had first choice of starting position and surprised people by taking gate two.  Fox, who entered the main having won the last two Scratch Mains at Industry and the last three at Costa Mesa, then selected gate one.  Former Youth National Champion Broc Nicol chose gate four which left former National Champion Charlie “The Edge” Venegas with gate three.  
Fox made a slightly better start and immediately planted himself on the inside line.  Janniro went straight to the outside dirt in turn one.  Fox held the lead coming off turn two but Janniro found plenty of traction up near the fence and blasted around the outside and took the lead as they entered turn three.  Janniro maintained the wide line through lap one as Fox tried to catch him.  Venegas and Nicol were waging a side-by-side war for third place behind them.  Janniro kept a comfortable lead for the balance of the race and took the win ahead of Fox while Venegas kept Nicol behind him to claim third.
Venegas kicked off the heats with a win over Gage Geist.  “Battling” Buck Blair beat Russell Green in the second heat.  Nicol handed Janniro a rare defeat in event three.  Fox ended the first round with a win over Dave Clark who has moved to Southern California from New York.
Venegas passed Tyson Talkington to start the second round with his second win in a row.  Mac Ruml defeated Broc Nicol in the next heat.  Fox made a better start than Janniro in event 15 but went wide in turn two and that’s all Janniro needed to take the lead and the win.  Tyson Burmeister, racing for the first time in 2015, finished round two with a win over Green.
Fox held off Max Ruml to win the first race of round three.  Shawn “Mad Dog” McConnell won event 26 after Venegas was excluded when he fell while leading.  Nicol collected his second win ahead of Luke Becker in the next heat.  Janniro defeated Dillon Ruml to end the heats with his second win.
Fox led the first semi from start to finish while Nicol used the ample outside dirt to go around Green for second and the other transfer to the main.  Janniro dominated the second semi with Venegas getting second to join him in the main event.
Max Ruml won the Scratch Consolation with Green getting second, Burmeister finishing third, and Blair coming in fourth place.
Eloy Medellin led all four laps and collected the victory in the Second Division Main Event.  Hayley Perrault finished second, Rick Richards was third, and Robert Curry finished fourth.
After finishing second in every Third Division Main Event this season, Steve “Beach Ball” Brown finally broke through and won.  George Yates finished second, Wade Whitcomb was third, and Brent Smith finished fourth.
James Blair led the Junior 250 Main Event field through turn one but Michael Wells slipped by on the inside as they entered turn three.  Wells built up a comfortable lead until Sebastian Palmese got in to second.  Palmese cut in to Wells’s lead but ran out of laps.  Wells was first to the finish line, Palmese had to settle for second, Jake Isaac finished third, James Blair was fourth, and Dylan Wagner finished fifth.
“Lightning” Luke Whitcomb made an aggressive outside move through turns one and two and swept around the outside of the Schnakenberg Sisters to take the lead on the back straight.  Slater Lightcap worked through the field in to second and set his sights on the leader.  Whitcomb was long gone and he cruised to the victory.  Lightcap finished second, Skylar Schnakenberg was third, Dakota Shockley finished fourth, Charlie Trana was fifth, Keelan Venegas finished sixth, and Rachel Schnakenberg was seventh.
Jose Navarette made the best start in the Pee Wee Main Event and never looked back on his way to victory.  Cole Ayers finished second, Levi Leutz was third, Travis Horn finished fourth, Conner Salazar was fifth, Gavin Dryfka finished sixth, and Richard Stephens was credited with seventh.  
The stakes of the Sidecar Main Event were raised even higher when the winner of the 50/50 drawing, Steve Summers, chose to put $400 of his winnings in to their main event purse.  Joe Jones and Tom Summers led the field the entire distance to take the victory.  Bryan Motis and Josh Bennett were second, James Kinne and Johnny Glover finished third, and Jeff Rowe and Ashley Gibbons were fourth.
The next event at Industry Racing is the annual Bruce Flanders Ugly Hawaiian Shirt Night on Wednesday, July 29.  Everyone is encouraged to wear a Hawaiian shirt and there will be a contest as well.

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