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Speedway European Championship Last Updated: Jun 12th, 2015 - 12:05:17

Speedway European Championship: Nicki's aim is gold
By Nick
Jun 12, 2015, 12:04

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Triple World Champion and double medalist of Individual European Championships, Nicki Pedersen has set himself one goal - win the gold medal of Speedway European Championships series.

- Certainly, my goal is to find again on the podium of the series. From that point there is just a small step to being the best. After winning silver and bronze it’s time to fight for something more – says Nicki Pedersen.

In the past Dane had huge chances to win, but every time rivals turned out to be better. In the first season of Speedway European Championships series, Pedersen lost in the final tournament in Rzeszów with Martin Vaculik and had to deal with the silver medal. A year ago, after two victories in Guestrow and Togliatti there came the crisis. In the least expected moment on his home track in Holsted, Nicki Pedersen scored just six points and lost his chance for the title.

Yes, I was very disappointed after the meeting in Holsted last year. I really wanted to make a great
performance in front of my home crowd, but everything went wrong. I can only blame myself for it.
Whenever I enter a speedway track I always try to win the race, but sometimes you have to settle
with something less. I need to have a constant high performance over all four rounds of the SEC
series to have a chance to win it, and that is my goal – ended Nicki Pedersen who will start with number #3 in Individual European Championships.

List of the riders starting in SEC 2015:
Emil Sayfutdinov, Peter Kildemand, Nicki Pedersen, Martin Vaculik, Janusz Kołodziej,
Artem Laguta, Hans Andersen, Tomasz Jędrzejak, Piotr Protasiewicz, Vaclav Milik, Grigory
Laguta, Przemysław Pawlicki, Tomasz Gollob

The cheapest tickets are possible to buy for 10 PLN! Additionally on the occasion of the end of school year it is possible to buy special “school ticket” for 2 PLN (available with a package with normal ticket) for green and yellow zone.
Ticket prices for the inaugural round of Speedway European Championships (20th June, MotoArena Toruń)
Blue zone:
Normal ticket: 40 PLN
Reduced ticket: 20 PLN
Green zone:
Normal ticket: 25 PLN
Reduced ticket: 10 PLN
School ticket: 2 PLN *
* is valid only for green and yellow zone – it will be only possible to buy ticket additionally to normal ticket which means that a parent who buys normal ticket for green zone has a possibility to buy school ticket for 2 PLN
School ticket is valid only for people under 16 with school id.

Reduced ticket can be bought for children and teenagers under 18 and for students with id under 26 and for pensioners with valid id.
Children up to seven years old – free entrance with parents (without particular place at the stadium)
Red zone:
Normal ticket: 150 PLN
VIP ticket: 650 PLN
VIP ticket includes:
- a seat on the Main Tribune
- access to the VIP area with free catering and access to alcohol
- bag with gift
- event program
- entrance for after party
Additions to the ticket:
- Event program - 10 PLN
- CAR PARK "B" - 10 PLN
PADDOCK PASS package includes:
- Entrance to the paddock before the competition (between 3 p. m. - 5:45 p. m.), and after the podium ceremony
- Event program
- Invitation to the after party
Attention: PADDOCK PASS package does not entitle to enter the competition!
MEET & GREET PRACTICE package includes:
- entrance to the paddock after the official training (training will begin at 12:00)
- entrance for the official training
- autograph card
Attention! PRACTICE MEET & GREET package does not entitle to enter the competition!
Additives to tickets and packages PADDOCK PASS and MEET & GREET PRACTICES only available in online sales .
Tickets are available at and sales outlets Empik , Media Markt , Media Expert, Saturn in Poland.

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Speedway European Championship
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