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Speedway European Championship Last Updated: Jun 9th, 2015 - 09:58:14

Speedway European Championship: Permanent wild cards for Lindback and Smolinski
By Nick
Jun 9, 2015, 09:56

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On Monday we got to know the names of two riders who have received permanent wild cards to start in this year's Speedway European Championships series - they came to Martin Smolinski and Antonio Lindbaeck. Earlier the best Polish rider in history, Tomasz Gollob had also received the invitation to SEC. Thus full starting list of Individual European Championships is already known.

Born in Rio de Janeiro Lindbaeck is one of the most distinctive speedway riders in recent years. For the representative of Lokomotiv Daugavpils and Indianerna Kumla "Toninho", start in this year's series is a debut in Speedway European Championships. Taking into consideration his knowledge of the tracks in Torun, Landshut and mainly in Kumla, as well as an excellent form this season, the Swede certainly can be regarded as one of the favorites to fight for the podium of the European Championships.

Smoli is currently the best German rider. Until now he has successfully combined starts on long and a classical track. As the first rider in the history of speedway he has taken part in two series Grand Prix (classical and long track).

Coming from Bavaria "Smoli"  will certainly try to make a surprise and improve last year's result in SEC.

- The nomination process of riders to start with the wild card is a very difficult issue. We are confident that we've made the right decision with European Championship Bureau of FIM-Europe - both in terms of sport, the attractiveness of the show as well as in the context of the development of both speedway and the rivalry in Europe. We have no possibility to please everyone, and the number of places in the series is extremely limited. This year 15 riders from 7 countries will start in SEC: 5 Polish representatives, 3 Danish, 3 Russian and one rider from Sweden, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany. In less than two weeks we begin to battle for the championship of Europe which seems to be fantastic. This is certainly the strongest set of riders in the history of SEC series. We are on the point of exciting four tournaments, it is hard to even talk about the tournament favorites, because there are a few. We invite everyone to Torun on June 20th, - we’re starting to fight for the title! - says organizers from One Sport.

List of the participants of Speedway European Championships 2015:

Emil Sayfutdinov
Peter Kildemand
Nicki Pedersen
Martin Vaculik
Janusz Kołodziej
Artem Laguta
Hans Andersen
Tomasz Jędrzejak
Piotr Protasiewicz
Vaclav Milik
Grigory Laguta
Przemysław Pawlicki
Tomasz Gollob
Martin Smolinski

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Speedway European Championship
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