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American Speedway Last Updated: May 9th, 2015 - 20:21:00

American Speedway: Mid-Am push it back a week.
By Admin
May 9, 2015, 20:19

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Today's event at Mid-America has been reschedule for next Saturday, May 16th due to the weather forecast.  We are also looking for volunteers to share flagging duties and help with watering.   

Double Points on June 6th/Free practice June 7th

The spring race at Mid-America has always been popular, but we have always considered the first Saturday in June to be the real kickoff to the season.  To get everybody excited about the 2015 season, June 6th will pay double points.  Also, we are going to have an open practice on June 7th.  Practice is free for anybody that attends the June 6th event.   

Important Times
Gates Open: 12:00
Signup Opens: 2:30
Riders Briefing: June, July & August:4:00
Riders Briefing: Sept & October: 4:30
Practice: June, July & August:4:30
Practice: Sept & October: 5:00
Heats: 7:00

GonzoCross at Mid-America

The fair board asked the staff of Mid-America to come up with an event on the Wednesday of the fair.  We considered doing a flat track race, but considering the distances that people travel, we didn't feel that folks would have time in their schedules to make the trip.  However, we do know that their are a lot of off road riders that live within 90 minutes of Indianapolis so we came up with GonzoCross, named after our friends at

What is GonzoCross?  The text below was posted on the GonzoCross FB page:  

We are not completely sure yet but we have one goal: FUN..... How can we go wrong? The riders get to play with their bikes all afternoon while the wife and kids go to the fair. Dirt bikes and Corn Dogs, we are already winning.  

So we plan on building some sort of race course, it's going to be a fun easy track. Yes the word "EnduroCross" has been used, but that's not accurate, the GonzoCross course will be much easier and we won't use any big bike eating rocks, safe for you, safe for your bike.

As the racing progresses through the show, we will gradually make the track tougher and tougher. We don't have details yet, but expect a bunch of fun easy riding early and some trickier riding coming at the end.

Classes, we are going to have a MX class. This is for MX riders only. No Off Road guys. We want to invite and share with the MX guys, introduce them to a new style of riding and an evening of fun. So please encourage your MX buddies to come ride. The course will be fun and their skills will build as the evening progresses.

Kids under 12 class. I don't think the little kids on PW50s will work, but bigger mini bikes should work, we will make the track as safe as we can for the little guy's and girls.

250 Class Two Stroke/Four Stroke
450 Class Two Stroke/Four Stroke
Vet over 35

Industry Class. You must work in the motorcycle industry at some level. This is for shop employees and series promoters. We will have a trophy for this class and the shop who wins will have some pretty strong bragging rights.

We are open to adding more classes, please tell us what you would like to see. We are open to your ideas on track design so please share.

We are hoping to have 20 riders in each class, that will get narrowed down to a 10 rider final. So if you are in a popular class, sign up now. Also, before signing up realize this is not a serious race, this is a fun event and all sorts of things will happen and go wrong. If you are a stickler about rules and serious racing, this may not be the race for you, but by all means please come watch, it will make you smile.

Share all this with your friends, either come out to ride or come to watch, we promise a nice evening at the Fair.

We also need volunteers of all sorts, please contact us with your skill sets. We need track materials too!

Ride Academy at Mid-America

Mike Hacker will be bringing his Ride Academy to Mid-America twice in 2015.  The first date is July 12th which is the Sunday after the Indy Mile.  They then return on August 10th on the Monday after the Indianapolis MotoGP.  July 12th will be on the Mid-America Oval, and August 10th will be on a soon to be constructed TT course.  Anybody who signs up for July 12th, will get a complimentary pit pass on July 10th.  Signing up for RA on August 10th, will get you a free pit pass for August 8th.

Indy Mile

Family Events who is promoting the Duquoin and Indy Miles has tickets on sale for the Indy Mile at

Flat Track at the 2015 X-Games

Last May, Harley-Davidson filmed a commercial at Mid-America featuring the new 750 Street.  Near the end of the commercial viewers were asked to use the hashtag #XGamesFlatTrack in their social media posts.  Earlier this month it was announced that flat track would be a part of the 2015 X-Games.  This is huge news for the sport.  Please support the sport by encouraging friends and family to watch and comment on the various Facebook and Twitter posts using the hashtag #XGamesFlatTrack.  The folks at Harley-Davidson and the X-Games monitor social media and this is definitely a move closer toward the mainstream for the sport.

Directions to Mid-America

Mid-America Speedway is located at the southeast  corner of Indianapolis at the Marion County Fairgrounds.  From 465, take exit 49 and go to the first light and turn left, continue approximately 3/4 of a mile, and go over the overpass.  Bear to the left of the base of the overpass, and the entrance to Mid-America is 1/4 mile on the left.


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