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Speedway Best Pairs Last Updated: Apr 17th, 2015 - 10:23:37

Speedway Best Pairs: Moldow the main sponsor for Grand Final in Esbjerg
By Nick
Apr 17, 2015, 10:22

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Danish company MOLDOW A/S, which is the sponsor of the whole Speedway Best Pairs Cup series, has also become the main sponsor of the Great Final, which already takes place on the 9th May in Esbjerg. After the two rounds, Danes are on the lead and they have four points of advantage over Russia and Poland.

The cooperation between the organizers of Speedway Best Pairs Cup and Speedway European Championships, One Sport and Danish company MOLDOW goes really well and that’s why last year European Championships had a full support from MOLDOW.

- The cooperation with MOLDOW is an honor and pleasure for us. Negotiations concerning the sponsorship went very well since the very beginning. What is important for us, Preben Hansen has decided to give us full support and apart from sponsorship of the whole Speedway Best Pairs Cup series in 2015, Moldow will be the main sponsor of the meeting in Esbjerg. – said the representatives of the organizer, One Sport, Karol Lejman and Jan Konikiewicz.

Danish company supports also Nicki Pedersen who is undisputed leader of Danish team. Danes have also a big chance to win in general classification of the series.

Ticket prices for the Great Final of SBPC, Esbjerg:

Adults: 250 DKK
8-14: 150 DKK
0-7: free entrance

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