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Speedway Links : Links Last Updated: Mar 23rd, 2015 - 11:57:51

Speedway Best Pairs: Lot's of attractions for fans
By Nick
Mar 23, 2015, 11:55

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The inauguration of Speedway Best Pairs Cup is closer and closer. The biggest stars of world speedway will already meet on the 28th March at MotoArena. The rivalry of the best pairs of the world will be Saturday’s final which will abound in a lot of attractions.

Ticket offices will be opened in the day of the event at 10 a. m. It will be possible to buy there among others programs for the tournament, which will be pass for open training, which will start at 11 a. m. During the training, about midday “Fan Zone” will be opened at go – kart track next to MotoArena. A lot of surprises and competitions will be waiting there for fans. The whole event will be led by Piotr „Olo” Olszowski and Mariusz „Składak” Składanowski on specially prepared stage, journalists of Radio Gra.

Just after the end of the training it is worth to stay at the stands because all riders taking part in Speedway Best Pairs Cup will come to fans to take common picture. It is worth to emphasize that fans will be given entrance on training only to yellow zone, only at the first level (upper stands). There the photo will be taken.

Next it is worth to move to “Fan Zone” because the leaders of the national teams taking part in the round in Toruń will show up on the stage. Gathered fans will have an opportunity to take autographs of the biggest speedway stars or take photos with them.

On Saturday it will be also possible to admire special exhibition titled “Speedway Nostalgia”. In the “Zone” bikes from past years, on which legends of speedway were racing, will be exhibited. In the meantime on the stage there will be different competitions during which it will be possible to win Speedway Best Pairs Cup gadgets, clothes and original plastrons. But it’s not everything, there will be also possible to win a voucher worth 1000 PLN to use with one of the organizers of the competition, The voucher will be changed for a ticket to a chosen match of favorite football team in the whole of Europe!

The unique prize will also wait for the winner of the contest organized by One Sport and PIT Bike MRF. Semifinal fight for PIT BIKE MRF will also be held on the day of the inaugural  event  of Speedway Best Pairs Cup.

Semifinal will consist of riding on a small obstacle track on equipment supplied by the organizer and timing of it. Persons with four best times qualify to the great final. Riders will fight on a small Pit Bike with Paweł Przedpełski and decisive race will be held at Motoarena just before the first heatof Speedway Best Pairs Cup. The winner of the finals, in the presence of thousands of fans from around the world will receive the main prize - a unique PIT BIKE MRF.   

It is worth to add that in the "Fan Zone”  all the time will PIT BIKE MRF stall will be opened. Any eager fan will be able to try on a bike, which will be the main prize in the competition!

Special guests  will also appear on the stage. Among them Polish speedway legends who will talk about their appearances for the national team, and about their careers, which was full of different medals in national and international events.

The final of the day in  "Fan Zone" will be a unique meeting with a legend of world speedway and an icon of the club from Torun, a Swede, Per Jonsson, which will start around  3 p. m. World Champion 1990 comes to Torun especially for Speedway Best Pairs Cup, to meet again with the Polish fans after a few years.

Next there will  be time for speedway emotions. Best pairs in the world will compete elbow to elbow for the first points in the general classification of this year's series!

Starting list:

1. Andreas Jonsson
2. Tomas H. Jonasson
15. Peter Ljung

3. Greg Hancock
4. Gino Manzares

5. Emil Sajfutdinow
6. Grigorij Laguta
17. Artiom Laguta

7. Krzysztof Kasprzak
8. Jarosław Hampel
18. Piotr Pawlicki

9. Nicki Pedersen
10. Niels Kristian Iversen
19. Mikkel Bech

11. Chris Holder
12. Jason Doyle
20. Troy Batchelor

13. Andzejs Lebedevs
14. Maksim Bogdanows
21. Kjastas Puodzuks

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