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Speedway Best Pairs Last Updated: Mar 19th, 2015 - 18:45:57

Speedway Best Pairs: Per Jonsson to be special guest
By Nick
Mar 19, 2015, 18:45

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On the day of the inauguration of Speedway Best Pairs Cup, March 28th, special fan zone will be prepared at MotoArena, where many attractions and surprises will wait for fans. One of them will be meeting with club legend, successful Swedish rider, Per Jonsson!

"Long Per" will be the special guest during the first round of the struggles of the best pairs in the world. The former rider of Apator Toruń, whose career was brutally stopped by spine injury, always welcome the opportunity to come back to Toruń, to meet with speedway fans. It is worth noting that on the 5th April 2010, there was official opening of the street named after Per Jonsson, right at the MotoArena.

- Toruń has always been a special place for me. Its even more special than my home town and any other town. I always feel well there and its always a pleasure to be there and talk with people in Toruń as well. says Per Jonsson.

Jonsson was also the participant of Pair World Championship which took place in 1993, in Danish Vojens. He scored five points in this tournament and Sweden won last gold medal in the history then.

- Well, I dont think I had a very good day then but Tony (Rickardsson) got then at very high level of speedway. So our three: Tony, Henka (Gustafsson) and me Well, that were really enjoyable moments. admits former Swedish rider.

- Polish fans are always in my heart. It is always special when I come to Toruń with my sons. Those fans are always in my mind. They always support me, no matter what happens. They gave me lot after my injury and Im really looking forward to meet them again at the stadium and maybe also in town. ends World Champion 1990.

It is not a secret that Per Jonsson was one of the consultants during designing of MotoArena. The manager of KS Toruń, Jacek Gajewski is also happy with his arrival.

- It would be possible to write a book about my memories connected with Per Jonsson. They are definitely really positive and Im happy that Per will show up again in Toruń because he has many fans here and they remember his incredible starts in Polish league. I know that he is also happy because each meeting with fans gives him energy said the manager of KS Toruń, Jacek Gajewski.

More details concerning attractions prepared for fans will be announced at the beginning of the next week.


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