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Sidecar Speedway Last Updated: Mar 18th, 2015 - 10:43:06

Sidecar Speedway: The scene is set for Gillman this Saturday.
By Admin
Mar 18, 2015, 10:42

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The scene is set for the penultimate round of this season’s Speedway Sidecar Grand Slam being conducted this Saturday night (March 21) at the Gillman Speedway Stadium.

The Gillman Speedway Stadium, located just a few minutes’ drive from Port Adelaide, is regarded as Australia’s premier speedway bike circuit and this weekend’s event promises to be one of the all-time best speedway sidecar meetings in the history of the sport.

As is typical of the prestigious Sidecar Grand Slam, the field of riders and their undeniably brave passengers, is worthy of a world championship, with the sports’ elite banging handlebars in search of dirty track glory.

Heading into this weekend’s event, the NSW Combination of Darrin Treloar and Blake Cox, lead the series by nine points, in advance of Adelaide’s Justin Plaisted and Sam Harrison. Ironically, Plaisted rode with Darrin Treloar, as his passenger, for many years with the two combining to win numerous national titles.

Currently third in the series is the Adelaide based team of Mark Plaisted and Brian Anthony, who are thirteen points off the lead with two rounds remaining. Mark Plaisted is a former winner of the Sidecar Grand Slam Series and the former Oceania Champion.

Second placed, Justin Plaisted, says Saturday’s event at Gillman will be a thriller with so much on the line.

“I can’t wait for Saturday night at Gillman. This meeting will be something else,” Plaisted offered.

“Sam and I are only nine points behind Darrin and Blake and I’m going out there this weekend to win. I can still win the series with two rounds to go and I intend to give myself every chance of success. The team has enjoyed a good, consistent season and we have worked hard on our preparation for this weekend. It’s a red hot field, but we know, when things are working well for us; we can be as fast as any bike on the track.

“The Sidecar Grand Slam has been wonderful for Australian speedway and it would be an honour to win it.”

Saturday’s event will be live streamed and the coverage is accessible either on or by purchasing a subscription. The world class, multi camera coverage will commence at 7.20pm (South Australian time) on March 21 and will feature all grand slam races as well as some support race action.

Please note if you are unable to watch the live stream action this Saturday night, by purchasing a subscription you can go on line any time after the event, log on and watch the entire meeting. The live stream content says on line for 14 days, so even if you can’t watch the live action this weekend you can purchase a subscription and log on to watch the event at a time that suits you.

For further information visit or and purchase your subscription. The entire process takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

1. Shane Rudloff / Damian Egan – SA
2. Rob Patterson / Brenton Kerr – VIC
3. Mark Plaisted/ Brian Anthony – SA
4. Mick Headland / Jesse Headland – SA
5. Darrin Treloar / Blake Cox – NSW
6. Jason Hardy / Adam Pascoe – SA
7. Trent Headland / Daryl Whetstone – SA/UK
8. Daniel Puddy / Luke Puddy – SA
9. Damian Niesche / Mitchell Spear – SA
10. Mark Mitchell / Tom Golding – SA
11. Justin Plaisted /Sam Harrison – SA
12. Warren Monson / Matt Morgan – VIC/SA
13. Aaron Hartwig /Teagan Hartwig – SA
14. Byren Gates / Mick O’Lauchlan – VIC
15. Andrew Buchannan / Denny Cox – NZ/NSW
16. Dave Bottrell / Ben Pitt – QLD

1. Darrin Treloar/Blake Cox – 53
2. Justin Plaisted/Sam Harrison – 44
3. Mark Plaisted/Brian Anthony – 40
4. Mick Headland/Jesse Headland – 39
5. Trent Headland/Daryl Whetstone – 30
6. Mark Mitchell/Tom Golding – 22
7. Damien Neische/Mitchell Spear – 21
8. Brodie Cohen/Josh Sinnott – 18
9. Grant Bond/Glenn Cox – 14
10. Steve Saunders/Clarissa Mitchell – 10
11 .Stuart Firth/Yolanda Wilken – 9
12 .Mark Drew/Steven Blair – 9

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Sidecar Speedway
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