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New Zealand Speedway Last Updated: Dec 25th, 2014 - 10:06:18

New Zealand Speedway: Hamburger Transport Canterbury Comets Vs Newfield Autos Southland Outlaws
By Admin
Dec 25, 2014, 10:04

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The Canterbury Comets pulled off a convincing win over the Southland Outlaws in round two at Moore Park by 45 to 30 points. The Outlaws boosted their score when playing the Joker in heat ten where no 1 rider James Sarjeant pulled off the win to claim 6 points.

The score however decried the closeness of the racing, particular early on where the teams were level pegging after three heats on 9 points and the Comets were only 2 ahead after 5 heats. From here on though the home team slowly started to make its mark and pulled away on the overall score sheet. The fans were treated with some excellent racing and those three heats between the teams no 1 riders, Jason Bunyan for the Comets and James Sarjeant for the Outlaws were probably the best racing we have seen in NZ for some time.

Out pacing one and other, swapping the lead several times and riding wide lines chasing the dirt in an intense battle saw them in both cases  pull away from the rest of the field. Bunyan had to use all his skills as a NZ GP rider and 9 time NZ Champion to fight back and hold Sarjeant out on two occasions after Sarjeant inflicted the first heat win over him. Bunyan gave away his last ride to team mate Ryan Moss who snapped a chain in his first ride, leaving Sarjeant to fight it out for the last time with team mate Grant Tregoning against Moss and Dale Finch. Sarjeant lost power off the line and interfered with the field as they tried to get past him bringing Finch down.

A restart was ordered without Sarjeant but the drama did not end there. Tregoning got the jump on them all and was well away into the third lap when he raised his hand and slowed. The field passed him and Tregoning was left protesting as he claimed he thought the red light had come on. A car brake light from a vehicle baked up to the track was deemed to be the cause. This was in line with the track start finish light as Tregoning came round and out of the home turn. Very plausible and something staff will have to look at in the future.

The meeting was marred by a serious crash to the Outlaws rider, Paul Hayes and delayed until he was helicoptered away. We all wish him well with his recovery as he sustained some serious injuries.

Sarjeant top scored the meeting with his joker win to claim 13 points while his team mates Tregoning and Hayden Simms pulled in 8 and 7 points each. Bunyan’s 11 was ably backed up with 12 from Finch, 10 from Andrew Aldridge and handy 6 points each from Moss and Kody Tocher giving the Canterbury Comets more depth on the day.

Konner McCluskey Young, a reserve for the Comets, dominated the support racing with 4 wins.

Junior teams challenge saw the Harvey Gang come out winners being too strong for the Deperados by 19 to 13 points. They looked the part, played the game well where the Harvey boys Tom and George were really too good for the rest.

Caleb Whalley was the Pee Wee winner with Blake Moyle edging out Ben Whalley in the 125 class.

The sidecar racing was again excellent with good support shown to Moore Park from the Oreti Park Speedway competitors. It was the new Canterbury Champions from Southland, Shaun Kerr and Robin Poole who came out winners again over Lionel Green and Shane Breach who had a mixed day early on. 3rd and 4th home were the Oreti combinations of Luke Thwaites and Neville Chalmers over Aiden Thwaites and Shane Twiss.

Media: Warrick Korstanje 15/12/14

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