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Eastern European Speedway Last Updated: Jul 17th, 2014 - 18:24:19

Latvian Speedway: Results from 2014 Individual Speedway EC semi final 1 in Dougavpils (Latvia).
By Admin
May 18, 2014, 21:56

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The first Semi-Final of the Individual Speedway European Championship was held in Dougavpils (Latvia). Michael Jepsen Jensen was flying to the victory in the semifinal 1 in Daugavpils, finishing on 14 points, the victory was almost secured before his last heat, only needing 1 point to take first place.

More exciting was the result for the next places, before the last 4 heats, 8 riders was in play for the last 4 qualification places. After finishing the last 4 heats it was clear that 4 riders was equal on 11 point, but all riders was through to the ECC.

Two riders was also equal on 10 points for reserve place. In first run-off Russian Renat Gafurov took a victory against Josef Franc and securing the reserve place. Final heat was a run off for 2-3-4 and 5 position. Local hero Andzejs Lebedevs took the victory in the run-off, finishing on 11 points after being excluded for causing a crash in heat 14.

Patryk Dudek took second place in run-off, after finishing last in heat 6. Third place went also to Poland, Maciej Janowski, finishing fourth in total. Last man in run off Kasts Poudzuks finished 5 in total, after finishing last in his first ride.

The almost 5000 spectators saw a very exciting meeting, with the riders going very wide in the bends some-times and almost riding on the fence. A lot of overtakings during the meeting, made the meeting very hard and tough for the riders.

The spectators must have left the meeting with big smiles on their faces, after seeing Andzejs Lebedevs winning the run-off after overtaking both Maciej Janowski and Patryk Dudek after he
made a very bad start.

Next Semi-Final round is scheduled on the 24th of May in Zarnovica (Slovakia).

2014 Individual Speedway European Championship
Semi-Final 1: Dougavpils (Latvia)
1 Michael Jepsen Jensen 14
2 Andzejs Lebedevs 11+3
3 Patryk Dudek 11+2
4 Maciej Janowski 11+1
5 Kasts Poudzuks 11+0
6 Renat Gafurov 10+3
7 Josef Franc 10+2
8 Rory Schlein 8
9 Dennis Andersson 7
10 Tero Aarnio 7
11 Andrey Kudryashov 7
12 Max Dilger 5
13 Eduard Krcmar 4
14 Sergey Darkin 2
15 Ivans Plesakovs 2
16 Gheorghe Adrian 0
17 Stanislav Melnychuk 0
18 Vjaceslavs Giruckis 0


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