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Miscellaneous Speedway Last Updated: Jul 17th, 2014 - 17:56:14

Speedway European Championship: KK wins in Gorican
By Nick
Sep 14, 2013, 21:35

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Krzysztof Kasprzak won the thrid round of the Speedway European Championship in Croatia tonight coming from behind to peat fellow Polish rider Sebastian Ulamek to make it a Polish one two. Kasprzak who has been in great form of late had as slow start to the round but ralied twoards the end with four straight victories to take the round. However, the final wasnt all plain sailing for him as he had to overcome a determind Ulamek in the final. Third place was taken by Slovakian star Martin Vaculik and fourth Polish superstar Tomasz Gollob.

Other championship contenders Tai Woffiden of Great Britain and Denmarks Nicki Pedersen were both elimintad in the heat 21 race off leaving the championship wide open going into the final round.


1st Krzysztof Kasprzak (Poland)
2nd Sebastian Ulamek (Poland)
3rd Martin Vaculik (Slovakia)
4th Tomasz Gollob (Poland)

1 Robert Miskowiak (Poland) (2,0,0,2,1) 5
2 Krzysztof Kasprzak (Poland) (1,2,3,3,3) 12+3
3 Ales Dryml (Czech Republic) (0,0,0,1,1) 2
4 Tomasz Gollob (Poland) (3,3,0,1,3) 10+0
5 Hans Andersen (Denmark) (2,1,1,2,2) 8
6 Nicolas Covatti (Italy) (0,0,2,0,2) 4
7 Tai Woffinden (Great Britain) (1,1,3,3,2) 10
8 Maciej Janowski (Poland) (3,0,2,0,3) 8
9 Nicki Pedersen (Denmark) (3,3,1,2,1) 10
10 Grzegorz Zengota (Poland) (0,1,1,0,2) 4
11 Martin Vaculik (Slovakia) (1,3,3,1,1) 9+1
12 Grigorij Laguta(Russia) (2,2,2,1,R) 7
13 Sebastian Ulamek(Poland) (3,2,2,2,3) 12+2
14 Jurica Pavlic (Croatia) (0,3,3,0,0) 6
15 Andriej Karpov (Ukraine) (1,2,0,3,0) 6
16 Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden) (2,1,1,3,0) 7

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