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Norwegian Speedway Last Updated: Jul 17th, 2014 - 18:24:19

Norwegian Speedway: Results - 80cc Youth Speedway EC in Elgane, Norway.
Aug 11, 2013, 22:47

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The FIM Europe 80cc Youth Speedway European Championship was held this weekend in Elgane (Norway).

After the two Semi-Finals, which saw the victory of Danish Patrick Hansen (followed by Danish Mad Hansen and Norwegian Lasse Fredriksen) in the first and Danish Fredrik Jakobsen) followed by Danish Jonas Jeppsen and Danish Jason Jorgensen) in the second, was held the final round that saw again the dominance of Danish riders with the victory of Jason Jorgensen, followed by Fredrik Jakobsen and Sam Jensen.

FIM EUROPE 80CC YOUTH SPEEDWAY EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 EMN: 52/1 Final Date: 11.08.2013 Venue: Elgane (Norway)

1.Jason Jorgensen DEN DMU 15
2.Fredrik Jakobsen DEN DMU 14
3.Sam Jensen DEN DMU 11+3
4.Mad Hansen DEN DMU 11+2
5.Lasse Fredriksen NOR NMF 10
6.Henri Ahlbom FIN SML 8
7.Filip Hjelmland SWE SVEMO 8
8.Jonas Jeppesen DEN DMU 7
9.Alexander Woentin SWE SVEMO 6
10.Kasper Andersen DEN DMU 6
11.Patrik Hansen DEN DMU 6
12.Kamil Nowacki POL PZM 5
13.Lasse Portner DEN DMU 5
14.Joel Kling DEN DMU 4
15.Espen Sundvor NOR NMF 3
16.Nilo Vuolas FIN SML 1
17.Christoffer Selvin SWE SVEMO NS
18.Lukas Baumann GER DMSB NS


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