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Canadian Speedway Last Updated: Jul 17th, 2014 - 18:24:19

Canadian Speedway: Legault is 2013 Canadian Champion.
By Admin
Jul 22, 2013, 10:43

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A night of punctures, blown engines, chain breaks and crashes was witnessed by a large near capacity crowd to celebrate the 2013 Canadian Speedway Championship at Welland Speedway.

A new style program was run for 2013, which eliminated riders throughout the program going down to the top five riders, who then disputed a four heat finals to bring out the eventual winner!

Only one rider was able to complete the night without dropping a point and that was Canadian Professional rider Kyle Legault. Kyle celebrated his crown in the last final heat race, and led the other riders to the chequred flag, to be crowned the 2013 Canadian Speedway Champion, his third time winning this coveted title.

14 riders participated in the event which included American aces, Jeremy Parson, Mikey Buman, Casey Donholt, Jim Terchila and Youngster Zack Peters. The Canadian riders were Kyle Legault, Mike Hammond, Aaron Hesmer, Allan Chisholm, Gary Moody, Tommy Hensby, Terry Rideout , Glen Brown and Josh Barrick.

The heat rounds were fast and furious, with the American riders battling hard to stamp their mark on the event. The top four riders Kyle Legault, Jeremy Parsons, Mike Hammond and Aaron Hesmer progressed into the final event through qualification. The last chance selection of five riders, Mikey Buman, Terry Rideout, Tommy Hensby, Zack Peters and Glen Brown was battled out with Mikey Buman winning his qualification into the five man finals.

The night saw Zack Peters rear up both at the start gate and leaving the gate, both times going down hard to stop the races. Tommy Hensby suffered a puncture in one of his heats and Casey Donholt remarkably did the same but in two heats! Gary Moody also sustained a puncture and lost his main chain in two heats, and Jeremy Parsons blew an engine!

The finals were all won by Legault, but they did provide some awesome close racing. Unfortunately the riders suffered with crashes in these final heats. In the first final heat, Aaron Hesmer was going round Mike Hammond in corner one, when Hammond suddenly gained some extra grip and they both slid out hard into the hay bales! The second final heat saw a huge chain reaction first corner crash with all riders going down very hard. The restart saw Legault win from the tapes minus an injured Mike Hammond. The third final heat saw Jeremy Parson suddenly pull up with a blown motor! The fourth and final heat was a great race for second and third as Legault had sped away, Buman and Hesmer were side by side for three laps with neither giving an inch, but eventually Buman just pushed harder and gained the second spot. Parsons on one of Zack Peters bikes, was off the pace much to his frustration, as he following Hesmer in to take fourth place!

Final Placings:
1: Kyle Legault
2: Mike Buman
3: Aaron Hesmer
4: Jeremy Parsons
5: Mike Hammond
6: Terry Rideout
7: Glen Brown
8: Tommy Hensby
9: Zack Peters
10: Casey Donholt
11: Josh Barrick
12: Jim Terchila
13: Gary Moody


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