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British Speedway : National League Last Updated: Jul 17th, 2014 - 18:24:19

Mildenhall Speedway: Fen Tigers miss out on National Shield.
By Admin
May 1, 2013, 10:05

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Beaten but not disgraced was the verdict of Mildenhall chairman Kevin Jolly after the Fen Tigers went down 51-39 against  Dudley Heathens at Monmore Green who took the National Shield 96-80 on aggregate.
They managed to give Dudley a run for their money in the early stages, leading by four points after the opening three heats, with the again superb Jon Armstrong clearly enjoying his return to an old stomping ground, well supported by Aaron Baseby who produced his best display of the season so far.  Stefan Nielsen would have scored more, but was hit by mechanical gremlins again, something underlined by his race wins where he looked fast and at his best.
But with former Mildenhall captain Lewis Blackbird determined to make an impression against his old side, and guest Robert Branford continuing his flying start to the season, the Heathens had a formidable spearhead that, with backing from Paul Starke, Gareth Isherwood and youngster Max Clegg, left Mildenhall with too much to do in the latter stages, as the home side finally pulled away.
"We never like to lose any meeting," said Jolly, "but we said at the weekend we'd be happy if the boys put on a decent display and got some laps in. They certainly did that, so we have no complaints and congratulate Dudley on retaining the Shield."
Jolly finished, "Now we'll concentrate on retaining the five trophies we won last season starting with our National Trophy match against Buxton on Sunday week."
Dudley Heathens:
1. Robert Branford (g) - 3 Fx 1' 2 = 6+1
2. Gareth Isherwood - Fx 3 2 2 = 7
3. Paul Starke - 1 2 3 3 0 = 9
4. Dan Greenwood - Fx 1' 1 2 = 4+1
5. Lewis Blackbird - 3 3 3 1' 3 = 13+1
6. Max Clegg - 3 1 2' 1' = 7+2
7. Nathan Greaves - R 2' 1' 2' = 5+3
Mildenhall Fen Tigers:
1. Stefan Nielsen - 1' 3 R 3 1' = 8+2
2. Aaron Baseby - 2 2' 0 3 1 = 8+1
3. Josh Bates R/R
4. Jon Armstrong - 3 2 3 3 2 = 13
5. Daniel Halsey - 1 2 2 F 0 = 5
6. Liam Rumsey - 2 1' 0 0 1 = 4+1
7. Nathan Stoneman - 1' Fx 0 Fx R = 1+1


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