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Short Track Racing Last Updated: Jul 17th, 2014 - 17:56:14

Short Track Racing: Lemon in for Great Outdoors.
By Admin
Feb 11, 2013, 14:41

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Mark Lemon as confirmed that he will be taken his place in the Rest of  World  Team in the first every indoor shorttrack Team event against England.

The Indoor meeting will be taking place at Arena uk, Grantham, Lincs on Saturday 23rd February. This will be first time Aussie star will have ridden flattrack but says he his really looking forward to giving it a go and getting warmed up for the season ahead.

Also two speedway riders are coming out of retirement to take part in the event - former Sheffield Star rider Robbie Kessler and and Poole rider Tony Primmer.

Robbie who is working for Niels-Kristian Iversen as his UK mechanic, is  looking forward to getting out on bike again and taking the challenge  indoors shorttrack racing.

Tony Primmer was NSW Aussie Dirt Track Champion in 95 and former Long Track Champion so should be no stranger to this  discipline and he his looking forward to a full season of racing in the sport this year.

Tony's other Team mates are Kevin Doolan, Mads Korneliussen, Damon Koppe and Fabrizo Vesperini. England will be headed by UK's number 1 Ade Collins, Edward Kennett, Peter Boast, Tom Woolley, Tim and Tom Neave, Ben Baker and Glyn Pocklington.

The Team event will start at 1pm and International Indoor Shorttrack Championship will start at 6.30pm. For more info go to


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Short Track Racing
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