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South African Speedway Last Updated: Jul 17th, 2014 - 18:24:19

South African Speedway: 2012 Golden Helmet/Silver Sash report.
By Admin
Nov 13, 2012, 17:52

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Sunday the 28th of October, saw the running of the Danie Fourie Golden Helmet/Silver sash at the Walkerville race way south of Johannesburg.

A new format was run this year, which saw all classes of riders meeting each other, and the top 4 point scorers would go into the final for the golden helmet, and the next 4 scorers would meet for the Silver Sash. Traditionally, the Golden helmet was only open to Premier riders and the Silver Sash to the under 21 class.

Young Lyle Kotze, a under 21 division rider, had a bad start to the day with bike problems, managed to get gate choice for the silver sash final, with Neil Petit on 2, veterans Hansie Kleinhans and Peter buck taking gates 3 and 4. A superb start saw Kotze fly out of gate 1 and lead the race all the way, second was Petit with Kleinhans 3 and Buck following in 4th.

The main race of the day saw 2 surprises when 2 mascot riders advanced into the Golden Helmet final. Robin Brill, a 13 year old junior riding a 250cc, managed to outride the bigger boys, scoring 2 wins a second and third, and Brandon Devine, a 15 year old up and coming rider, score 3 wins and a third.

Jason Cole, from the under 21 division, and Mac magill from the premiers where the other 2 top scorers with gate choice going to Magill, who chose 4, Cole in gate 2, Devine taking 3 and youngster Brill left with gate 1. Cole and magill flew out of the gates, with cole stealing tje lead with a inside sweep on Magill, the pair had a tight battle with Cole just edging out Magill at the flag. The 2 youngsters had a good battle between themselves, Brill's 250 giving all it could was no match for the 500cc of Devine who took 3rd spot followed by Brill right on his back wheel.

Thanks to Rob Devine.


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