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British Speedway : National League Last Updated: Jul 17th, 2014 - 18:24:19

Mildenhall Speedway: Fen Tigers roar to 2012 National League Fours title.
By Admin
Aug 26, 2012, 23:13

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Magnificent Mildenhall swept to victory in emphatic style to lift the National Fours title at Stoke on Sunday with a performance that co-promoter Kevin Jolly described as "simply brilliant".

"The boys were all fired up and ready to go from the off.  When we arrived the track was in a diabolical state. but I told them not to look at it, just concentrate on what lay ahead and that's exactly what they did."

The Fen Tigers' team of Lewis Blackbird, Stefan Nielsen, Joe Jacobs and Danny Halsey flew through their semi-final claiming 23 points out of 24 against King's Lynn, Buxton and Scunthorpe.  With the Hitmen finishing runner-up in the group, as expected Mildenhall found themselves up against Stoke, and title rivals and Four's champions Dudley, in the final.

In the end, like the National Pairs, it was Buxton who were the main rivals to the Mildenhall quartet.  With the pressure mounting, the challenge from the Heathens and the Potters fell away, with their star riders Adam Roynon and Ashley Birks excluded from their opening rides, as only the Fen Tigers held their nerve in the closing stages.  The icing on the cake came in the penultimate heat as Joe Jacobs crowned a superb unbeaten display, inflicting his second defeat on Roynon inside a week, to send the fans who had made the trip from Suffolk into ecstasy.  Stefan Nielsen also went through the card unbeaten to complete one of the best victories in Mildenhall's history.

Jolly continued, "We showed our true team spirit today.  Although he was injured Cam (Heeps) was still here helping winding the boys up and telling them they could win it.  Even when Lewis finally dropped some points midway through the final, everyone were geeing each other up knowing it was just a minor setback and we could still go on and win, which we did.  All the boys are over the moon and they deserved the victory, make no mistake about that.  It's given everyone a hell of a boost and afterwards they were saying we've won the Pairs and the Fours so it's two down, two to go!  And why not?  I honestly believe this team is capable of winning anything!"

Mildenhall are back at West Row tonight (Monday 27th August at 6.30pm) where they take on Stoke Potters in the KO Cup semi-final first leg.  Jolly finished, "Despite our Fours win, we know there is still work to be done if we are to retain the Cup, so we'll need to knuckle down and work hard again."

The Fen Tigers will operate rider replacement for Cameron Heeps but will otherwise be unchanged for tonight's match.


Mildenhall: 17
1. Lewis Blackbird 2, 0 = 2
2. Stefan Nielsen 3, 3 = 6
3. Joe Jacobs 3, 3 = 6
4. Daniel Halsey 3, 0 = 3

Buxton: 13
1. Adam Mckinna 1, 1 = 2
2. Luke Priest 2, 2 = 4
3. Charles Wright 3, 1 = 4
4. Dean Felton 2, 1 = 3

Dudley: 10
1. Darryl Ritchings 0, 2 = 2
2. Ashley Morris 2, 3 = 5
3. Adam Roynon 2 = 2
4. Byron Bekker 1, 0 = 1

Stoke: 07
1. Ashley Birks 3 = 3
2. James Cockle 0, 2 = 2
3. Tony Atkin 1, 0 = 1
4. Liam Carr 0, 1 = 1


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