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Canadian Speedway Last Updated: Jul 17th, 2014 - 18:24:19

Canadian Speedway: 2012 Canadain Championships. Hammond and Hensby wear the crowns.
By Admin
Jul 23, 2012, 09:57

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The 2012 Canadian National Speedway Championship was poised to be a great event even before it began

A field of riders from as far as Florida and Ohio in the USA, to Bowmanville and Muskoka in Ontario Canada, the 20 man field was split into rider ability levels for heat and qualifying schedules.

A Division 1 and Division 2 class saw 13 riders in Division 1 (D1) and 7 in Division 2 (D2).

A warm and pleasant night welcomed a packed house of spectators to see who would be crowned the Champion of the night in each division?

The event began with the Division 2 riders taking to the Line:

Heat 1:(D2) Hensby Moody Chisholm Dulaj

Tommy Hensby gated well holding back Gary Moody to the tapes, Alan Chisholm and Kristy Dulaj following in close behind.

Result: Hensby Moody Chisholm - Dulaj


Heat 2:(D2) Thompson Barrick Davis

Dale Thompson did a great job looking fast and smooth to hold off a fast paced Katalin Davis to the checkered flag, Josh Barrick was on the pace but looked uneasy!

Result: Thompson Davis - Barrick


Heat 3:(D1) Legault Parsons Rideout Meldrum

Kyle Legault in his first Canadian appearance for a few years, came out flying and led the way to the flag, Jeremy Parsons pushed Terry Rideout hard and passed him on lap 3 to grab second place, leaving Brit David Meldrum to fight out the last place with Rideout as Parsons pulled clear.

Result: Legault Parsons Rideout Meldrum


Heat 4:(D1) Hesmer Dixon Donholt Carr

Aaron Hesmer pushed Rob Dixon wide in turn one to take the lead, leaving Casey Donholt and Josh Carr to finish in third and fourth respectively.

Result: Hesmer Dixon Donholt Carr


Heat 5:(D1) Hammond Buman - Brown Terchila Bennett

Mike Hammond the defending Canadian Champion made his debut on the night, was leading into lap 2 as Mike Buman cut in front and shut the door, Hammond slid out, but remounted and made a valiant effort to pass Jim Terchila and set about John Bennett, but was unable to gain the third spot from Bennett.

Result: Buman Brown Bennett Hammond Terchila


Heat 6:(D2) Moody Chisholm Dulaj Thompson

Gary Moody on a borrowed bike pulled up as the tapes rose, which left Dale Thompson to take a good lead ahead of Kristy Dulaj and Alan Chisholm, Chisholm however, had the ride of his life, as he passed Dulaj on lap 2 and set about Thompson and passed him to the crowd's delight on lap 4, to take a well-deserved checkered flag!

Result: Chisholm Thompson Dulaj Moody (DNF)


Heat 7:(D2) Barrick Davis Hensby

Another cracking race ensued as Tommy Hensby went wide coming into corner 1 leaving a gap for Katalin Davis to take the lead, Hensby pursued Davis and passed her coming out of corner 4 to take the win! Josh Barrick with the best seat in the house enjoyed a fast heat.

Result: Hensby Davis Barrick


Heat 8:(D1) Carr Brown Dixon Legault

One of the best races of the night! Kyle Legault took the lead into corner 1, with Glen Brown being closely chased by both Rob Dixon and Josh Carr. Brown kept immense pressure on Legault, and squeezed inside him on lap 3 to take the lead, leaving Legault to hold back Dixon and Carr to the tapes.

Result: Brown Legault Dixon Carr


Heat 9:(D1) Rideout Hesmer Terchila Buman

Mike Buman pressed Aaron Hesmer hard for two laps, before passing him into corner 3 leaving Rideout to press Hesmer to the line. Jim Terchila also ended the heat pressing Rideout to end a great heat race!

Result: Buman Hesmer Rideout Terchila


Heat 10:(D1) Donholt Bennett Meldrum Parsons Hammond

Another close race with Mike Hammond taking the lead leaving Jeremy Parsons to battle with David Meldrum, Casey Donholt held his own for fourth as John Bennett completed to line up.

Result: Hammond Meldrum Parsons Donholt Bennett


Heat 11:(D2) Chisholm Thompson Barrick

No heroics from Alan Chisholm in this one, as he fell behind the fast duo of Dale Thompson and Josh Barrick as they fought to the line!

Result: Thompson Barrick Chisholm


Heat 12:(D2) Davis Hensby Moody

Gary Moody on another bike, also suffered some sporadic problems leaving Katalin Davis to once again content with the very fast looking Tommy Hensby, he managed to pass on lap 2 as Davis went wide. Davis pushed hard with Hensby winning by just a bike length!

Result: Hensby Davis Moody


Heat 13:(D1) Parsons Legault Buman Dixon

Kyle Legault once again had a flyer, and led into turn one, but then disaster, his engine seemed to lose power and he fell back the 4th , he continued to ride out the race at a slow pace for the valuable points! Meanwhile, Jeremy Parsons led the way as Mike Buman and Rob Dixon battled for position behind him!

Result: Parsons Buman Dixon Legault


Heat 14:(D1) Brown Rideout Hesmer Donholt

Casey Donholt pushed Aaron Hesmer wide on corner 2 to gain the important lead as Glen Brown spent two laps pushing Hesmer, but Hesmer's pace was too much and Brown pulled back to defend his position from the hard charging Rideout.

Result: Donholt Hesmer Brown Rideout


Heat 15:(D1) Meldrum Terchila Carr Bennett Hammond

A flying start from John Bennett led to a tight first corner with Bennett crashing out with David Meldrum laying it down with Mike Hammond. The restart saw John Bennett being penalized for the restart and he started on the 15-yard line. Sadly for David Meldrum, he went down in the same spot, but was able to keep it going and he remounted way back from the field. Mike Hammond was leading the race again, but slid out in corner 2 again, and managed to remount and somehow keep the lead, but Josh Carr could sense a win and passed Hammond to take a well-deserved win!

Result: Carr Hammond Terchila Bennett Meldrum


Heat 16:(D2) Dulaj Thompson Barrick Davis

Mechanical problems caused Kristy Dulaj and Dale Thompson to withdraw, leaving Josh Barrick and Katalin Davis to enjoy a great battle! Four 4 laps Josh Barrick kept Katalin Davis behind him, but her experience and track knowledge pushed her into 1 st place as Barrick went wide in corner 2.

Result: Davis Barrick Thompson (DNS) - Dulaj (DNS)


Heat 17:(D2) Hensby Moody Chisholm

Gary Moody's mechanical woes continued as his bike spluttered at the line, leaving Tommy Hensby to take a big lead ahead of Alan Chisholm, Moody's bike did however pick up, and he caught Chisholm on lap 3 to take the 2nd position.

Result: Hensby Moody Chisholm


Heat 18:(D1) Buman Hesmer Legault Hammond

A heat race bringing old rivals Hesmer and Legault together raised the anticipation of the pits and crowd! But everyone forgot about Mike Hammond who got a flyer slicing everyone in the first corner. Kyle Legault pushed hard all race but was unable to get passed Hammond, who closed all the doors on him! Aaron Hesmer pushed Legault as Buman watched the action as they crossed the line!

Result: Hammond Legault Hesmer Buman


Heat 19:(D1) Dixon Donholt - Meldrum - Brown

A good battled ensued between Casey Donholt and David Meldrum, as the duelled for position. Rob Dixon joined in and took Meldrum, but the pass was reciprocated on lap 3, leaving Dixon to hold off Glen Brown, a great heat race!

Result: Donholt Meldrum Dixon Brown


Heat 20:(D1) Terchila Carr Bennett Rideout Parsons

Jeremy Parsons took a commanding lead as Terry Rideout did a good job to hold back Bennett, Terchila and Carr.

Result: Parsons Rideout Bennett Terchila Carr


The finals were based upon the total points of the night. The four lowest went into the first final, the next four in the second final and the top point riders went through to the main final


D2 Main Final: Hensby Davis Thompson Barrick Moody

Gary moody was forced out of the final event with his mechanical woes continuing, but he jumped in with both feet to assist Tommy Hensby.

The tapes rose with Tommy Hensby taking the lead, but as they entered turn 2 disaster struck for all and Katalin Davis went down wiping out Hensby's back wheel, leading him to bale into the boards, and Josh Barrick and Dale Thompson went down in a heap hitting Davis's bike. After some medical attention by the St. John's Ambulance and some urgent bike repairs, they all returned to the gate for the rerun except Thompson who was forced out with bike damage. Tommy Hensby from gate 2 flew from the tapes and securely closed the door leaving Josh Barrick to fend off Katalin Davis on her spare bike, while Hensby pulled away from the pack and looked smooth and confident, as he took the checkered flag for the final time crowning him the Division 2 Champion!

Results: Champion TOMMY HENSBY Josh Barrick Katalin Davis Dale Thompson (DNF)


D1 Final C Terchila Bennett Carr Meldrum

David Meldrum suffered from Clutch failure at the tapes, and used the two minute allowance to get it fixed to take the start, but despite his valiant efforts, his bike suffered technical problems and he withdrew from the race in corner 2! Josh Carr and Jim Terchila battled hard for the win with Carr succeeding with John Bennett unable to make the ground to put pressure on them.

Result: Carr Terchila Bennett Meldrum (DNF)


D1 Final B Legault Brown Dixon Rideout

Kyle Legault saved his most impressive ride of the night for the final! Hitting it hard from the gate, he left Terry Rideout to race against Rob Dixon and Glen Brown, Rideout was ahead of the game when he made a mistake and went wide in corner 2 and Rob Dixon who had been putting immense pressure on Rideout, made a clean pass on the inside to grab 2 nd place, Glen Brown despite his earlier heat win, was unable to keep the pressure on to catch the Dixon and Rideout.

Result: Legault Dixon Rideout Brown


D1 Main Final - Parsons Hammond Donholt Buman Hesmer

Anticipation for the final were high, the night's event had been clean and fast and the crowd waited in anticipation to see who would come out and be crowed Canadian Champion for 2012?

The gates rose with Mike Hammond making his best ever start, he closed the door hard and fast, to lead into the first lap, with Aaron Hesmer being pushed hard by Casey Donholt, Hammond pulled away by two bike lengths which proved to be his blessing, as on lap 3 he came into corner 1 and started to lose control and to slide out, with some quick thinking, he able to maintain his composure! Casey Donholt however, was pressing Hesmer really hard and passed him on lap 4 to grab a great well-deserved 2nd place leaving Hesmer to keep back both Parsons and Buman!

Congratulations to Mike Hammond, on retaining his crown of Canadian Champion for 2012! A well-deserved reward for a night of smart hard riding!

Results: Champion MIKE HAMMOND Casey Donholt Aaron Hesmer Jeremy Parsons Mike Buman


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