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Canadian Speedway Last Updated: Jul 17th, 2014 - 18:24:19

Canadian Speedway: Double "H's" win the night.
By Admin
Jul 1, 2012, 21:48

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Both Mike Hammond and Tommy Hensby came to the Welland track on a very warm humid night with set goals. To win.

Joined by Aaron Hesmer, Glen Brown, Rob Dixon, Allan Chisholm, Gary
Moody and the return by the newly-wed Terry Rideout, the night saw
some cracking close racing and a few close shaves.

Heat 1:
The track was wet and very grippy, leading to the riders riding with
caution, but it still gave a good performance from Gary Moody to hold
off a fast pressing Tommy Hensby, with Allan Chisholm following up the

Heat 2:
Pressure was too much fro Mike Hammond as he lost his line twice and
paid for the track position. Firstly on lap 3, Aaron Hesmer powered
around Hammond as he went inside too soon coming into corner 1, and as he left corner 4, Rob Dixon grabbed the run to the line leaving
Hammond with a third place finish. Rideout and Brown had a ding-dong
battle of their own, as they raced for 4th and 5th places. A good solid race enjoyed by the large enthusiastic crowd.

Heat 3:
A rocket start from Tommy Hensby gave him the lead into corner one,
which he held to the line. Moody tried all he could, but couldn't catch Hensby, and then disaster, as his back tire imploded on lap 3, leaving Chisholm to grab a good 2nd place.

Heat 4:
This race was superb. Aaron Hesmer and Mike Hammond were neck and neck for 4 laps, with Hesmer pulling out to become the eventual winner. Rob Dixon and Glen Brown came together on lap 2 in corner 4, and both went down, they remounted to finish the race, as Terry Rideout enjoyed a solid 3rd place avoiding all the fun.

Division 1 Final:
The track had been watered early in the evening, and with the humidity
levels high, the track turned sticky and grippy, the flat track riders
couldn't get it to work, so the track staff consulted the speedway
riders, and they took to the track and gave a few laps and decided
that they would run their final early, to kick start the track back into action.

So The Division 1 riders lined up, with Mike Hammond in gate 3, they
flew from the gate with Hammond taking full control, Aaron Hesmer
pushed hard but looked uncomfortable on the grippy surface, and was
lucky to hold on to second place as Rob Dixon nearly pipped him on the
line. Terry Rideout and Glen Brown continued their own battle, with
Rideout coming out the winner of that one to finish fourth.

Division 2 Final:
Allan Chisholm withdrew from the final, leaving Tommy Hensby and Gary
Moody to fight it out. Disaster struck Hensby as he sat at the pit gate, as his bike cut out and wouldn't restart. So Terry Rideout offered his bike and the final began. The 16 year old and 21 year old riders flew from the gate with Hensby taking the lead, Moody pushed hard and slowly reeled Hensby in, but as he raced hard into corner 3, he lost momentum as Hensby closed the door and slid off, leaving Tommy
Hensby to take the checkered flag for the second time in 2012. A superb display of close hard riding enjoyed by everyone.

Division 2 Final
1: Tommy Hensby
2: Gary Moody
3: Allan Chisholm (DNS)

Division 1 Final:
1: Mike Hammond
2: Aaron Hesmer
3: Rob Dixon
4: Terry Rideout
5: Glen Brown


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