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Hungarian/Austrian Speedway Last Updated: Jul 17th, 2014 - 18:24:19

Hungarian Speedway: Karpov wins European semi from Debrecen.
By Admin
May 2, 2012, 21:06

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The first Semi-Final of the 2012 Individual Speedway European Championship was held yesterday in the Hungarian track of Debrecen.

The winner was Ukrainian Andrey Karpov, followed by Hungarian Jozsef Tabaka and Danish Kenni Larsen.

The next Semi-Final of the Individual Speedway European Championship will be held on the 12th of May in Rivne (Ukraine).

EMN 50/1 Class: Semi-Final 1
Date 01.05.2012 Venue: Debrecen (Hungary)
Pos. First Name and Name Nationality FMN Points
1 Andrey Karpov UKR FMU 13
2 Jozsef Tabaka HUN MAMS 12+3
3 Kenni Larsen DAN DMU 12+2
4 Max Dilger GER DMSB 11+3
5 Claus Vissing DAN DMU 11+2
6 Andrejs Lebedevs LAT LaMSF 11+R
7 Oleg Beschastnov RUS MFR 10
8 Kiril Tcukanov UKR FMU 9
9 Norbert Magosi HUN MAMS 7
10 Laszlo Szatmari HUN MAMS 7
11 Matheu Tresarrieu FRA FFM 6
12 Marcel Helfer GER DMSB 4
13 Matej Kus CZE ACCR 3
14 Maks Gregoric SLO AMZS 2
15 Johannes Fiala AUS OAMTC 1
16 Cristian Carrica ITA FMI 1


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Hungarian/Austrian Speedway
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