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Speedway Books and Games Last Updated: Jul 17th, 2014 - 17:56:14

Speedway Books: #speedwaylife available to buy now
By Nick
Dec 6, 2011, 19:20

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Speedway riders exploded onto Twitter just as they fire from the tapes…but what do they really think and say?

In our digital world, much communication quickly goes in the bin.  Messages, off-the-cuff opinions and e-mails have life spans of seconds. Nothing remains but an eternal present pimping for a wanton future.

With a touch as tender and sure as a mortician’s hand, editor Jeff Scott preserves the ephemeral controversies and joys of a speedway season in #speedwaylife: Sideways Quotes, Tweets & Comments. It’s speedway like you’ve never read it before.

Drawn from Twitter chatter, press releases and comments --- whether in print, person or online--- #speedwaylife delivers only the pure narrative streams of the quotes themselves. Selecting over 5,000 key messages* and Tweets from the 2011 season, Scott lets the weavers of these plain-spoken webs tell their own stories and give their own opinions without the polish of an always amnesiac PR machine.  What you read is what they wrote or said!

Form your own opinion from this unprecedented and unexpurgated glimpse into the lives and thoughts of the riders (as told by themselves) all colourfully supplemented by quotes from officials, fans and commentators.

#speedwaylife is a unique record drawn from and thoroughly steeped in the joyously voluble culture, business and sport of British Speedway.  

260 pages £15   £5 for every copy sold to the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund

Order online at or send a cheque for £18 (including postage & packing) made payable to "J. Scott" to Methanol Press, 2 Tidy Street, Brighton BN1 4EL

Follow Jeff Scott on Twitter (@scott_jeff)

* Contributors include:

Ian Adam, Kylie Adams, Leigh Adams, Peter Adams, Michael Addison, Sebastian Alden, Amy Allen, Olly Allen, Tim Allen, Dale Allitt, John Anderson, Brian Andersen, Hans Andersen, Dennis Andersson, Hayley Armstrong, Graham Arnold, Ricky Ashworth, Jason Attwood, Josh Auty, Rene Bach, Mike Bacon, Pete Ballinger, Robert Bamford, Bev Barber, Colin Barber, Jonathan Barber, Nick Barber, Derek Barclay, Ben Barker, Dick Barrie, Phil Bartlett, Troy Batchelor, Paul Berry, Byron Bekker, Paul Bellamy, Mike Bellerby, Mike Bennett, Ray Blackwell, Malcolm Blythe, Peter Boast, Alan Boniface, Alan Boon, Mike Bowden, Luke Bowen, Craig Boyce, Steve Brandon, Mick Bratley, Lewis Bridger, Barry Briggs, Chris Brown, Jim Brykajlo, Paul Burbidge, Ken Burnett, Peter Butcher, Dick Butler, Mike Butler, Randall Butt, Chris Butterworth, Glen Campbell, John Campbell, Krzysztof Cegelski, Alison Chalmers, John Chaplin, Keith Chapman, Phil Chard, Roman Chyla, Richard Clark, Paul Clews, Hannah Marie Coates, James Cockle, Peter Collins, Craig Cook, Jon Cook, Graham Cooke, Kevin Coombes, Paul Cooper, Luke Corbett, Dave Croucher, Jason Crump, David Cysarz, Terry Daley, Alex Davies, Kevin Davies, John Davis, Gordon Day, Keith Denham, Alan Dick, Stuart Dickson, Christine Donovan, Kevin Doolan, Jeff Dooley, Stuart Douglas, Jason Doyle, Graham Drury, Lukas Dryml, Jitendra Duffill, Bob Dugard, Chris Durno, Chris Ellis, George English, Sam Ermolenko,  Dave Fairbrother, Ryan Fisher, Matt Ford, Jordan Frampton, Richard Frost, Rick Frost, Graeme Gammell, Cory Gathercole, Trevor Geer, Arnie Gibbons, Charlie Gjedde, Nicki Glanz, Rob Godfrey, Robin Goodall, Graham Goodwin, David Gordon, Trevor Gordon, Andy Griggs, Josh Gudgeon, Renat Gufurov, Simon Gustafsson, Joe Haines, John Hall, Tim Hamblin, Billy Hamill, Jarek Hampel, Debbie Hancock, Greg Hancock, Alex Harkess, Bert Harkins, Chris Harris, Jerran Hart, John Harvey, Brian Havelock, Gary Havelock, Ritchie Hawkins,  John Hazelden, Mark Hazelden, Shane Hazelden, Christian Hefenbrock, David Hemsley, Robert Henry, Pete Hill, Tom Hill, Phil Hilton, Mick Hinves, David Hoggart, Chris Holder, Richard Hollingsworth, Ben Hopwood, Barbara Horley, Mick Horton, David Howe, Keith Huewin, Paul Hunsdon, Chris Hunt, Mike Hunter, Kelly Ingalls, Gary Irving, Niles Kristian Iversen,  Joe Jacobs, Ross Jackson, Tony Jackson, Matej Janowski, Peter Johns, Brendan Johnson, Mikael Johnsson, Kevin Jolly, Thomas H Jonasson, Rosie Jones, Peter Karlsson, Krzysztof Kasprzak, Gerald Kaufman, Vernon Kay, Edward Kennett, Gordon Kennett, Lewis Kerr, Danny King, Elvin King, Nicolai Klindt, Sam Knight, Mads Korneliussen, Matej Kus, Joonas Kylmakorpi, Timo Lahti, Simon Lambert, Ian Lane, Kelvin Lapworth, Sarah Lapworth, Kenni Larsen, Jack Lee, Michael Lee, Mark Lemon, Fredrik Lindgren, Ludvig Lindgren, Kevin Long, Mark Loram, Chris Louis, John Louis, Jo Lowry, Jim Lynch, Rob Lyon, Jason Lyons, Marc Lyons,  Neil Machin, Ian Maclean, Nick Mallett, Steve Mallett, Julie Martin, Roger Martin, Sam Masters, Anthony May, Annette Maybach, Tony McDonald, Keith McGhie, Travis McGowan,  Charles McKay, Anders Mellgren, Ken Middleditch, Neil Middleditch, Tony Millard, Bob Miller, Tony Mole, Shawn Moran, Ben Morley, Phil Morris, Peter Morrish, Chris Morton, Mike Moseley, Chris Moss, Jayne Moss, Egon Muller, Ken Naylor, Martin Neal, Chris Neath, Tyson Nelson, Julie Newton, Scott Nicholls, Hans Nielsen, Kim Nilsson, Dakota North, Peter Oakes, Ole Olsen, Ulrich Ostergaard, Brian Owen, Marc Owen, Gordon Pairman, Michael Palm Toft, David Parker, Shane Parker, Stuart Parnaby, Gary Patchett, Darija Pavlic, Nigel Pearson, Rob Peasley, Bjarne Pedersen, Jan O Pedersen, Nicki Pedersen, Moira Perrott, Gary Pinchin, Taylor Poole, Will Pottinger, Andy Povey, Jeff Povey, Colin Pratt, Piotr Protasiewicz, Ian Rae, Ben Randall, Dave Rattenberry, Chad Reed, Graham Reeve, Steve Ribbons, Craig Richardson, Emma Richardson, Lee Richardson, Paul Rickett, Rupert Rigby, Philip Rising, Stuart Robson, Gareth Rogers, Laurence Rogers, Alun John Rossiter, David Rowe, Adam Roynon, Ronnie Russell, Terry Russell, Wayne Russell,  John Sampford, Avtar Sandhu, Nicola Sands, James Sarjeant, Amanda Saunders, Cameron Saveall, Michelle Saveall, Emil Sayfutdinov, Rory Schlein, Chris Schramm, Joe Screen, Justin Sedgmen, Adam Shields, Steve Shovlar, Len Silver, Dannii Simmonds, Malcolm Simmons, Pete Simmons, Ian Smalley, Kozza Smith, Robin Spicer, Gary Spiller, Claudia Staechmann, Jan Staechmann, Simon Stead, Jack Steggles, Niall Strudwick,  Julian Sumner, Linus Sundstrom, Tomasz Susiewicz, Tony Swales, Trevor Swales, Bob Tasker, Kelvin Tatum, Dave Tattum, Glyn Taylor, Josie Toms, Tomas Topinka, Stuart Towner, Tony Thompson, Eric Thornton, Allen Trump, Derek Turner, John Turner, Martin Vaculik, Chris Van Stratten, Malcolm Vasey, Neil Vatcher, Stein Waalen, Rebekah Walpole, Darcy Ward, Danny Warwick, Craig Watson, Paul Watson, David Watt, Dave Watters, Charlie Webster, Ricky Wells, Matthew Wethers, Michael Whawell, Carl Wilkinson, Bryn Williams, Steve Williams, Tai Woffinden, Peter Woodhouse, Cameron Woodward, Ashley Wooller, Steve Worrall, Casper Wortmann, Magnus Zetterstrom, Madgalena Zimny-Louis.


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