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Sidecar Speedway Last Updated: Jul 17th, 2014 - 17:56:14

Sidecar Speedway: Mick Headland wins second World Championship.
By Admin
Aug 16, 2010, 14:06

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South Australian rider Mick Headland has taken out his second World Championship in as many years, winning the 2010 FIM Track Racing Sidecar 1000cc event in England on Saturday 14 August.

Racing at Coventry Stadium, Headlandís son Jesse filled in as passenger for former Champ Paul Waters, who is still recovering from injuries sustained earlier this year in New Zealand.

With downpours of rain causing stoppages, delays and damage to the track, the Championship was abandoned after only 12 heats and the result declared.

Despite the tough conditions the Aussie team won all three of their races, ending the day unbeaten and handing Mick his second World Championship.

Mick Headland/Jesse Headland 9,
Gary Jackson/Henry Rogers 8,
Richard Moore/Ric McAuley 7,
Rod Winterburn/Liam Brown 6,
Robbie Wilson/Nicky Owen 6,
Rob Wilson/Terry Saunters 5,
Mick Cave/Gareth Little 5,
Paul Whitelam/Alan Elliott 4,
Craig Cheatham/Ben Molloy 4,
Matt Tyrrell/Shaun Yates 4,
Mark Cossar/Andi Wilson 4,
Tris Winterburn/Emily Cogan 3,
Andy Gribble/Mark Truscott 1,
Craig Smith/Brett Edge 1,
Mark Heatley/Martin Davis 1,
Joe Sturtidge/Lee Toms 1.

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